Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Top 10 at 10

My little newborn had her 10 month "birthday" yesterday...10 months! She's practically not even an infant anymore. She's been standing by herself more and more lately, and I know it's just a matter of time before she's walking. I don't miss that young newborn stage; it was probably the craziest three months of my life! But I am in shock that in two months, she will be a year old. This year really is flying by, but it just keeps getting better and better.

For Aubrey's 10 month "birthday", here are my Top 10 Favorite Things about Aubrey at 10 months:

1. She laughs at everything, and I mean everything...she has such an awesome sense of humor.

2. She always smiles and waves at people in stores, causing the cutest little scene.

3. The way she rubs her face against anything soft, so cute!

4. When she wants me to read to her, she picks up a book, drags it over to me, and then sits in my lap. Such an advanced child ;)

5. When she hears something loud (like the vacuum), she comes crawling up to me super fast and snuggles against my chest.

6. There is a train that runs along the top of the ceiling in Wegmans. Whenever we are food shopping, she stares up waiting for that train to come. As soon as she sees it, she starts laughing and jumping up and down in her seat.

7. Aubrey can stare out the screen door for endless amounts of time watching the squirrels play with each other. Likewise, she loves being outdoors-she would stroll around outside and stare at squirrels all day if we could!

8. When Daddy leaves for work, she crawls over to the screen door, she smiles real big, and waves bye-bye until he drives away.

9. She loves looking at pictures of family and friends. She points to the people she knows in the pictures and screams with excitement.

10. Aubrey has favorite commercials, usually ones that have a catchy jingle. When she hears one of her favorites come on (the Friendly's commercial, HH Greg, AT&T- just to name a few), she stops in her tracks and stares at the tv.

11. (sneaking in an extra!) When you ask Aubrey to give you something, she holds out the object as if she were going to hand it over, then swipes it back once you reach for it. All while laughing at you, of course  What a little sneak!

12. Ok just one more, I promise. After she wakes up from a nap, she doesn’t want to come out of her crib right away. When you go in her room to get her, she races around her crib and plays, daring you to try to get her. She even tries to hide by putting her head in the corner of the crib against the bumper!

I could list so many more things! This is such a cute age, and I just don't ever want to forget these little moments with her that are so precious.

Very excited to be 10 months old!

Who knew a diaper box could be so fun?


  1. Oh my gosh, she sounds so adorable and perfect! I think this is one of the best monthly birthday updates I've ever read. Definitely brought a smile to my face!!

  2. How sweet!
    Mine is 9 months on Tuesday, and this gives me SO much to look forward to :)

  3. It sounds so cliche, but every day gets better!