Thursday, April 29, 2010

Babies Really Can Roll Off Couches When You're Not Looking...

Aubrey is nine days shy of 5 months, and luckily, I've only done two things that could potentially scar her for life. However, I anticipate many more to come in the upcoming years, so I am by no means implying that I should be considered for Mom of the Year. I will share one of those stories with you today, and the other I'll share with you when you have forgotten all about this one, and are therefore less likely to label me as a bad, inattentive mother. Deal?

The first happened about a month ago. It was RIGHT when she started to become extremely squirmy and "roll-y", so I wasn't accustomed to being glued to her side when she was on the couch. If I wanted to run into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, I knew she wasn't going anywhere in those 10 seconds. Well on this day, she was going somewhere.

I had her lying on her stomach, leaning up on her boppy pillow. I walked into the kitchen (directly next to the family room), and looked over at her on the couch. HOLY CRAP. SHE'S NOT ON THE COUCH! I ran over (the whole 15 feet) and she was lying on the floor with the boppy pillow on her head. She wasn't crying, just staring up at me, but I lost it. I scooped her up, frantically ran to my husband and told him I think I may have just damaged the baby.

After seeing me all worked up, she started to cry. She fussed for about two minutes, and then was smiley and laughing and playing like normal. Of course, I still googled it for a half hour to determine the amount of damage I had done. Turns out, this has happened to MANY moms and a lot of the babies were right around the age of Aubrey. I guess I should have listened more closely when the experts said to never leave the baby unattended, not even for a second, because you never know if that will be the day they decide to roll.

Oops. You better believe I learned my lesson and now I NEVER leave her alone, not even to grab a water bottle. If I wasn't paranoid before, I certainly am now. So now when she is 12 years old and she does something stupid and someone asks her, "What? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" Unfortunately, she can reply, "Yes, it's all my mom's fault."

Click here for a good article from Dr.Sears to ease your mind if your baby has ever rolled off something or fallen down.

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Thankful Thursday

5 little things I'm thankful for this week:

1. My husband staying up late with the baby so I could sleep off my cold, or is it allergies? Who the hell knows anymore!
2. A Sunday spent in pajamas and not having to leave the house.
3. Finding five dollars in my cargos that I haven't worn since last summer. I was excited enough when I found money in my pocket, but I almost jumped up and down when I saw it was a five dollar bill!
4. Getting the link function to work on my blog :)
5. Cannolis. YUM.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Newest Fashion Accessory

Umbrellas are annoying. On windy days, they cause more harm than good. I can't count how many times I must have looked like a crazy person trying to keep my umbrella from blowing inside out. They also take up a whole hand that could otherwise be used for carrying other items. Such as a baby. They are supposed to be helpful, and I suppose for men who have nothing to lug around except for their keys and cell phone, umbrellas probably are helpful. But for women, and especially moms with babies, umbrellas are impossible.Let me explain. On Monday, we had torrential downpours. I'm talking heavy, windswept, in six seconds you go from dry to soaked kind of rain.

I had to carry the following items (and human) from my car to my house:

1. work bag (think briefcase size)
2. diaper bag
3. lunch bag
4. activity mat
5. baby in her car seat

And this was a light luggage day. Normally, you can also throw in a couple of Target bags and a fountain beverage (that can really cause a mess...)

There was NO WAY an umbrella was making the cut. And if you think I was going to make TWO trips to the car, forget about it. I had no choice but to leave it in the car and get soaked. Thank God it was the end of the day and I didn't need to be seen in public and attempt to look put hair was a complete, flat, frizzy mess and my face was just a bit too wet for the fresh, "dewy" look.

This is when it occurred to me that I need an umbrella hat.

What do you think?

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Wednesday Wisdom

"We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up." - Phyllis Diller

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

But it's Sunday...

This is the thought that was running through my mind as I heard Aubrey chatting it up in her crib at 5:15am Sunday morning. Come on, Aubrey, don't you know it's the weekend? Don't you know it's Mommy's day to wake up early with you? How come on Daddy's day to wake up early, you slept in til 7:30?! But I have to say, if I'm going to be up that early on a Sunday, there really is nothing better to wake up to than a cooing, smiling baby. It really is amazing how the second you see your baby smiling at you from their crib, you suddenly forget how early it is and how tired you are. Although, after about five minutes goes by and she starts screaming for her bottle, the exhaustion does seem to find its way back pretty quickly.

Forget about the conventional sleep training books. If somebody could write a sleep training book that also taught you how to train your baby to sleep in on the weekends (without altering their bedtime...), that person would be a MILLIONAIRE.


Looking for a movie to see this weekend with the fam? Consider this...

Okay, how many of you have seen the trailer for Furry Vengeance starring Brooke Shields and Brendan Fraser? Let me just say, this is one of those previews I saw that made me wish I had an eight year old so I could go to the movies and see it!! It is a family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer, Dan Sanders, faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. It looks hysterical and it has such a good message for kids that focuses on the importance of endangered species and habitat preservation.

You should also check out these activities that offer tools and opportunities for kids to explore the natural areas of their communities and develop skills and deeper knowledge of habitat and animal protection issues. I plan on using these activities in my classroom to create a fun, educational experience for the students while learning about something important. These are great resources for everyone, but if you are a teacher like me, I highly recommend checking them out to use in your classroom.


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Too Cute Tuesday

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Working and Working Out...It Ain't Working Out

Anyone else finding it extremely difficult to squeeze in a workout routine while also working all day? And by routine, I mean just once a week...I love exercising, I've always been active and exercising puts me in a good mood. But I'm sorry, the chance of me doing cardio at night or even just "toning" (I'm talking 5 pound weights here), is about as likely as me scrubbing toilets in my spare time. I can barely keep my eyes open to watch tv at the end of the day, let alone physically move my body for thirty consecutive minutes.

Before I went back to work, I was able to tone for a half-hour and do cardio for a half-hour, twice a week. But now that I'm working, I am finding it quite hard to find the time and energy to keep up with even that wimpy routine. I told myself I would cut back to just working out on the weekends, but now I am super busy on the weekends, because I can't get anything accomplished during the week. And I think I speak for most of us when I say the first thing to inevitably get knocked off the priority list is the workout.

I've only been a mom for 4 1/2 months, and I already have learned that there is no way on earth women can do it all...have a great career, be a superb mom, and be a domestic goddess. I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. Impossible.

And since I am by nature an underachiever (cleverly disguised as an overly organized perfectionist), I will not even be attempting to achieve this unattainable trifecta. In the words of the Queen of America (aka Oprah), "You can have it all, just not all at once." And since my husband may divorce me if I quit my job before June or stop cooking dinner, it looks like the workouts have to go for now.

Bye bye workouts. See you again this summer.

Monday Must-Have

Today's suggestion comes from Kathy over at

Read what she's has to say about the Medela Breast Pump and then check out her awesome blog...her stories are always a good read!

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

"I love my Medela Breast Pump (PISA). It's not a very exciting baby product but it has been a LIFESAVER and worth every penny!! I wish I could say my favorite baby product was something more clever or cute but then I would be lying!"

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Nightime Routine Edition

I have survived the newest phase of my life, Working Mom: Week 1! I wish I had some video clips of me at work, so that you could actually believe just how smoothly it went. Going to work every day has actually felt more like a break than a stress. Notice how I say "going to work" feels more like a break...once I get home, it's a whole different story. MY, OH MY, how my evening routines have changed since 6 months ago! Let's take a gander, shall we?

A typical afternoon last October (about 8 months pregnant):

1. Home around 4pm.
2. Use the loo.
3. Change into sweats.
4. Take out the dog.
5. Get the mail.
6. Eat a snack.
7.. Watch tv.
8. Talk to hubby on his ride home.
9. Watch tv.
10. Cook dinner. Ok, well this didn't happen every day.
11. Spend the next four hours doing as I please. Much like the previous two hours.

A typical afternoon this week:

1. Stumble into the front door with my work bag, diaper bag, lunch bag, and baby at 4:15.
2. Drop all the bags wherever they may land and pray the glass bottles don't break.
3. Hold the baby for about ten minutes in an attempt to make up for 8 hours of lost time.
4. Put the baby in her swing and give in to the yelping dog who is begging to go out and pee.
5. Play with the baby (still dressed in work clothes)in yet another attempt to make up for 8 hours of lost time.
6. Wash a gazillion bottles.
7. Baby is now fussing and I feel guilty for not being next to her, so I go and play with her again.
8. Unpack diaper bag and reload for tomorrow.
9. Unpack my lunch bag.
10. Rush into the bedroom and throw on sweats.
11. Finally use the bathroom.
12. Baby needs a diaper change.
13. Baby needs a bottle.
14. Baby wants to be held and rocked for fifteen minutes...I don't mind this :)
15. Mommy needs a break but it's nowhere in sight!

And this is just the first hour and a half. Notice how certain things like get the mail, talk to the hubby, cook dinner, watch tv, and "do as I please" (HA!) did not make the cut. This pattern continues til about 9pm. At that point, I am so exhausted from moving 80mph all day that all I can think about is bed.

I told all the kids at school today that they need to go home and give their moms big hugs and say, "Thank you Mom!" I should probably do the same...


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Funny Friday

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catch 22

When I got the mail yesterday and received an invitation for a 30th birthday party, I nearly dropped the baby with excitement. A night out! With my husband! Margaritas! High heels! But then my heart sank a little. I remembered that now that I'm working, my time with Aubrey is so minimal. I only spend about a half hour with her in the morning, and at night I'm lucky if she's awake for two hours. Who would've thought that watching a baby in a jumperoo could rival a night of margaritas?

Before I started back at work, I loved the idea of getting a babysitter and going out with Justin, just the two of us. No diaper bags to carry, no trading off a crying baby during dinner, no rushing home for naptime...But now that I'm away from her so much, it's like a Catch 22. On one hand I really want to go out and have fun with my husband. On the other hand, I don't want lose any more time with Aubrey. Ah, yet another mom dilemma :( I know I need to go out and enjoy time with Justin, and we are looking forward to the party. I just never thought about how time away with my husband meant time away from Aubrey.

Everyone says leaving the baby will get easier, and I guess it gets easier because you become used to it. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't think I could ever feel comfortable with only seeing Aubrey awake for 2 1/2 hours a day. If I knew I was going to be working full time forever, I think this would be a lot harder on me. Thankfully there is an end is sight(June 23rd! Have I mentioned that date enough yet?). And when that time comes, I'm sure I'll be begging for my nights out again :)

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Thankful Thursday

1. Supportive coworkers.
2. Getting showered and dressed up everyday this week for work. Sweatpants are now saved for bed they should be!
3. Seeing all the kids at work again...let's see how much longer the honeymoon phase lasts!
4. Sunny weather for my first day back.
5. Getting to eat a whole lunch everyday with adult chit almost feels like I'm on vacation! Do you think they'd be cool with letting me sip on a margarita during my lunch break?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Stop, I'm Blushing!

Another award?! I get more recognition here than I do at my paid gig :) This one comes from bubbleboo over at The Thought Bubble. If you're looking for a funny, honest, well-written blog, you must check out her site at

I would like to pass this award along to some more of my favorite bloggers :) If anyone can explain to me why my Link function on Blogger does not work, please enlighten me. I have googled it and I cannot for the life of me figure it out, so frustrating!

Congrats ladies! Keep up the entertaining reads :)


Wednesday Wisdom

Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother. ~Beverly Jones

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Day Down

So, as you know from yesterday's post, I returned to work yesterday to finish out the school year. I started getting anxious Sunday night, and of course, tears were shed on the car ride there. Fortunately, I'm vain enough to not want mascara running down my face and ruining my makeup, so I let out a few tears and that was the end of it. However, I still was anticipating a long day of mourning and feeling bitter.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the day did not go like I had feared. Since I am a teacher, I work with a lot of other moms. The women at work were very understanding to how hard it is to leave your baby for the first time. They knew I wasn't going to be skipping and whistling my way through the front doors. It was nice starting the day knowing that other women understood and supported me.

Once the kids arrived (I teach 5th/6th grade), the day just got better. It's hard to feel sad when you have 70 different students hugging you and smiling at you all day long (especially when one of them brought me a Welcome Back cake...she's getting an A). They were all so excited to see me again and to hear about the baby, that it made an excellent distraction from sitting around thinking about how I was scarring my baby for life (I know, I know...I'm not scarring her for life). Between catching up with the kids and my classroom looking like a tornado hit, I had plenty to do to keep myself occupied. Before I knew it, it was noon and time for lunch.

It's 7:35 pm now, and I admit I am exhausted. It was a mad rush coming home today between changing the baby, feeding the baby, unpacking the diaper bag, unpacking my school bag, taking out the dog, feeding the dog, getting the mail, changing into sweats, checking my 256 email accounts, and thinking about preparing dinner. The baby just went to sleep and now I have to start preparing for tomorrow.

Despite the busier schedule,it makes it a lot easier knowing that I can get through the work day, and it's not as bad as I thought. I have the best thing in the world to look forward to each day...spending a few quality hours with my daughter after work. That definitely beats what I used to do after work--flipping through the tv stations, mindlessly munching on a bag of Doritos. It also helps knowing that in two months and three days, the school year will be over and I'll be back at home with my Aubrey :)

One day down...

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Too Cute Tuesday

How ADORABLE is Macy?! Looks like she came right out of Parents Magazine! Check out her mommy's blog at She wrote a HYSTERICAL post yesterday about one of Macy's "messier" incidents in her crib. You've got to read it.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back To Work Today

Well, despite praying for the last 13 months, I did not win the lottery as previously planned, and I am back at hell work today. As you're reading this, I am already there (wrote this Sunday night) and I am most likely doing one of the following things:

1. Thinking about Aubrey.
2. Talking about Aubrey.
3. Checking my cell phone for any updates on Aubrey.

You get the idea. I'm at work right now, but my mind certainly is not. It does make it a LOT easier knowing that once June 23rd hits, I will be home with her for good due to my lay off. I am aware that I am naive about how hard it's going to be without my normal income, but the rational side of myself is being clouded by the joy of getting to stay home with Aubrey.

But even with the end in sight, in the meantime it's still so hard leaving every day--wondering if she's going to forget about me the next two and a half months. Is she going to start looking at her babysitter as "mom"? Is she going to feel safe with her instead of me? I feel like we are finally at the point where we are really becoming "buds" and now I will hardly ever see her. As crazy, stressful, and busy, the last 4 1/2 months have been, it has been worth every single minute. I can't imagine not being with her all day, every day. She just seems too young to be with a babysitter all day instead of her mom. Breaks my heart, sigh :/

My first day back at work and I'm already counting down to the last day!

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Monday Must Have

Similac Advance EarlyShield Ready Right Now Infant Formula with iron, 8-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Case of 24)

For any moms who are formula feeding or getting ready to formula feed, I highly recommend these "To Go" bottles by Similac (they come in the Advance EarlyShield and Sensitive). They are very convenient for long days out with the baby. You just give the bottle a shake, put on a nipple, and it's good to go! No need to pack pre-measured formula powder and bottles of water or worry about your pre-made bottles spoiling. These are a lot less hassle and mess!

They come in 2 ounce bottles for the itty bitty babies, and 8 ounce bottles for the "older" babies. My only complaint is that they don't make an in between size, like 5 or 6 ounces. Aubrey ends up wasting two ounces of the 8 ounce bottle, but it's still worth the convenience to me.

Have your own Must-Have? Email it to me at and I will post a link to your blog with your suggestion on next week's post!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Award!

Yay! I've received my first award as a blogger...and ironically on the one day that I didn't post. How convenient!Now I have something to share with all of you :) I received this award from netty cakes over at The Sweet Escape.

Make sure you check out her awesome blog...but beware...all of the delicious floating cupcakes on her site may leave you itching to satisfy your sweet tooth :)

The next step in receiving this award is to list 10 random things about myself. Here we go.

1. I was in a couple of commercials as a kid.
2. I love to play blackjack and texas hold'em.
3. I don't eat the crust on anything...not even hot dogs (I know you're thinking, "Wait, there is no crust on hot dogs"...but believe me, there is.)
4. I don't like Chinese food, seafood, or drink coffee but I wish I did because they look so fun to eat/drink :)
5. I've kept a journal since I was 8 years old.
6. In my next life, I hope to come back as a country music singer.
7. Bread and Cheese are the main ingredients in almost everything I eat.
8. I drink an insane amount of water every day. When I was pregnant, I would drink 10-12 bottles a day. Not cups, bottles.
9. I don't have a favorite author or a favorite book. I hate when I'm asked this question because it makes me feel like a dimwit.
10. I'm not a napper. Even if I'm exhausted, I want to be doing something.

Now, I get to pass the award on to ten of my favorite bloggers!

Congrats ladies! Keep up the great blogging!


Funny Friday

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Curse of the Digital Camera

My mom does not have hundreds of pictures of me from birth to 4 months. I don't even think she has a 1000 pictures of me from throughout my whole childhood.

Thanks to the digital camera (note sarcasm), I already have hundreds of pictures of my daughter. I have the hundreds of pics that I take, and then I get emailed all of the pics that friends and family take. It takes me quite awhile to upload, edit, and organize all of these photos. I spend about 30 dollars a month getting these pictures developed and another 15 dollars every other month buying a new photo album. I am running out of money to keep ordering pics at this pace. I am running out of storage space for all of my photo albums. I am running out of time to get all of the photos put in an album before the next batch from Snapfish comes in the mail.

I cannot keep up with all of this picture taking! Not only is it expensive and time consuming to keep up with all of the uploading, editing, organizing, and album-making, but the act of taking pictures itself is time consuming. Thanks to the digital camera, if I don't like a pic, I retake it. And I retake it. And I retake it. I think today's babies are going to have serious vision problems from the paparazzi like flashes they endure on a daily basis.

Sometimes I wish digital cameras were never invented. Not only was film more flattering, it was less time consuming and cheaper in the long run. I never would go through 100 pics from film over a two day period unless I was on vacation. I certainly wouldn't be taking that many photos in the setting of my living room on a Wednesday afternoon. With film, you took the pic and you were done with it. You couldn't scrutinize every detail of every photo and keep retaking it until it reached near perfection. You dropped the film off, and you got what you got. You took your 24 photos and put them in an album. Then you would pick up your next roll of 24 exposure film, and save it for a special occasion worthy of picture taking. End of story.

I know it's been said before, but technology--originally created to make our lives easier/faster--has done nothing but take up even more of our time. From digital cameras, to cell phones, to the biggest time waster of all--the Internet.

I doubt I can make it even a week without taking a picture. And despite all of the time and money it costs me, I'll probably still take hundreds of random, day-day pics of Aubrey. I'm hoping the picture taking will calm down as she gets older, because at this rate, I'm going to need to rent a storage space to hold all these photo albums. Or, I could always go back to film...(look how cheap it's gotten!)

Kodak Gold 200 Film (4-Pack)

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Thankful Thursday

5 little things I'm thankful for today...

1. 5 Guys hot dogs
2. flip flop weather (they look a bit better than sneakers...)
3. I finally can wear my engagement/wedding rings again.
4. Escaping from reality every Monday night when DWTS comes on.
5. Being able to crop myself out of photos where Aubrey looks cute and I look scary.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Married With Children

I was holding Aubrey today as she was falling asleep, and I was thinking about how we've already conquered the "sleeping through the night" hurdle. She rarely ever cries out at night, and if she does, she puts herself back to sleep without needing me to come in and rock her to sleep. It made me think about the nights (not so long ago) when I was awakening every 2-3 hours not just to rock her, but to feed her as well. It made me think of the nights when she would wake up at 1am, and then not fall asleep again till after 3am. All of those nights seem to blur together now; it seems like it was years ago- not just months ago. There was one night, however, that I don't think I'll ever forget. For some reason, it was really special to me.

It had been a typical night with Aubrey when she was around 6-7 weeks old. She had woken up at around 1am to eat, and fell back asleep at around 2am or so. That was normal back then. It was also normal that she was awake and crying again at 4am. So I dragged myself out of bed, half asleep, half awake, and began the normal middle of the night routine-make the bottle, change her diaper, and feed her on the couch. I was hoping that she would fall asleep while drinking her bottle as she sometimes would during her middle of the night feedings. However, every time I would glance down at her, her eyes would be wide open and she would smile real wide when she caught me looking at her. I couldn't help but smile back, but my mind was thinking, "Oh no. She is up and she is up for the long haul. I don't know when I'll ever sleep again..."

The minutes ticked away quickly. 4am turned into 4:20, 4:20 turned into 4:45, and before I knew it, it was 5am and Aubrey was smiling and cooing with no intention of going to sleep. It was at this moment that I precisely remember looking at her and saying, "You know what? You win. You want to be awake? Let's be awake." I turned on the light in the living room, heated up some pizza and breadsticks from the night before's dinner (sounds gross at 5am, but it was actually sooo delicious...think late night drunken snack in college, except you're not drunk, you're exhausted), and then I grabbed the remote.

Lord only knew what would be on tv at that hour on a Saturday morning. Apparently, Married with Children is on at 5am. It was an episode from the final season where the Bundys go on vacation and Peggy and Kelly enter a singing competition to try to win money. The acting was HORRIBLE. The writing was ridiculously horrible. But as I sat there at 5am, eating pizza, lying with Aubrey, I was cracking up laughing and feeling blissfully happy. Aubrey, although only 6-7 weeks old, also seemed to be enjoying herself. She was laughing and making noises all throughout the show. I suddenly didn't mind that I hadn't slept at all that night (or in the last 7 weeks). I was having fun- in this new, weird, different way. Certainly not in the way I had previously defined "fun" in my former, pre-baby life.

I couldn't help but think that this would probably be just the beginning of late nights with Aubrey. 15 years from now, we'll probably be sitting on the couch, late one Friday night, eating leftover pizza and watching Modern Family reruns. Except, instead of feeding her a bottle, we'll probably be bashing some boy who just broke her heart. And as we're sitting there talking about how boys are stupid, I'll tell her how it seems like just yesterday that life seemed so simple. I'll tell her about the night we watched Married with Children together and how this night seemed so far away back then. And then I'll probably start to get teary, and she'll say, "Oh mom, shut up," and we'll hug good night.

Maybe that's why the Married with Children night is so special to me. It was kind of like our first late-night mother daughter bonding experience. Our first "screw sleep, break out the pizza, turn on the reruns" kind of night. I pray that Aubrey and I are lucky enough to have dozens more of these nights ahead of us. Just not any time soon--I am really enjoying sleeping through the night again :)

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Wednesday Wisdom

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too Cute Tuesday

Check out this cutie-pie, Hendrix!

Also, make sure you check out his mom's blog ( She is hosting a great Cafe Press giveaway right now and she also recently wrote an awesome post about missing your old bikini body (4/8 entry). All moms can relate to that one!Copy and paste the following link in your browser (I can't get the darn link function to work!)

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Monday, April 12, 2010

What? I don't get "sick days"?!

I would like to use one of my sick days today. Crap, I don't have any sick days.

I've been fighting a monster of a cold for the last four days. This is the first time I've been sick since I had Aubrey in December, and therefore, the first time it occurred to me that I can't take a sick day with this job-the job of "mom". When she wakes up screaming and I want to lie in bed, I HAVE to get up. When she is squirming and itching to play, I can't say, "No sweetie, let's just lie quietly and watch a movie." When she is fussing and wants me to walk around with her for twenty minutes, I can't explain to her that I don't have the energy for that today.

How did I not realize when I was pregnant that the days of resting when I don't feel well would be over when the baby arrived? Why the hell did I ever complain about being tired when I was pregnant? When I was pregnant, if I was sick and tired I could ACTUALLY TAKE OFF OF WORK, GO LAY IN MY BED, AND GO TO SLEEP!

I want to invent a magical place that all moms can drop their kids off at when they need a "sick day". This place is open every day, all hours. You never need to call ahead. All kids, all ages are welcome. The care takers have the love and patience that rivals saints. No contracts, no forms to fill out, just a clean, loving, safe place where moms can leave their babies when they need a rest. Because let's face it, Grammie's place isn't open 24/7.

So it's been four days, and my cold is going away. It's going away at the same pace that my colds went away pre-baby. Maybe even faster. Apparently you don't need to sleep, eat well, and relax to nurse a cold. You can still move at 80 mph and sleep like hell and get better just as fast. Nonetheless, I still would like to have the option of a sick day. Or the magical drop off place...

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Must Have Monday

The First Years Modular Drying Rack

The first week we were home with Aubrey, we laid a drying towel on the counter to let all of our bottles/accessories dry. Then, we placed a large tupperware bin next to it to put the bottles/accessories in after they were dry. This led to a lot of lost counter space and mass chaos when digging into the bin to find a nipple for the bottle.

My sister got us this for Christmas and we LOVE it! It stores 8 bottles, nipples, caps, etc. plus extra room for pacifiers. It has a drain on the side that leads right into the sink. It's great for drying AND storing. We highly recommend this product!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Mommy Confession: I. Love. Naptime.

A friend of mine recently posted on her Facebook page, "sitting outside enjoying the weather. I love naptime!" It was followed up with responses such as, "ah, sweet naptime" and "best time of the day!"

It made me really happy to see that other moms LOVE naptime as much as I do. I admit, there were times when I felt guilty for loving it so much. Shouldn't I be cherishing every second with my baby? Shouldn't I miss her when she's sleeping and leap off the couch with excitement the second I hear her awakening? I wondered if there was something wrong with me for looking forward to those 2-3 hour naps. It was GREAT to see that other moms enjoy this time as much as I do.

In honor of naptime, I'd like to do a Top 10 list of things I like to do during no specific order, of course. I don't have THAT much free time...

1. I get to write my blog (I write them the day before and schedule them to post at 7am)

2. The dog gets to go outside and relieve herself.

3. I am able to EAT!

4. Watching a tv show, all the way through.


6. Jammin to my Ipod on the treadmill.

7. Getting to chat with my hubs on IM. SO pissed when he "ignores" my IMs during my only free time(he claims that he's actually working).

8. The chance to read other mom blogs and catch up on Facebook.

9. Laundry. Technically, I don't LIKE doing laundry, but naptime is a prime time to get it done.

10. Knowing that for two hours, I don't have to change a diaper, wash a bottle, or worry that baby is going to roll off the couch. She is safe and sound in her crib and for two hours, I get to have ME time :)


Funny Friday!

This is the first one I found and I HAD to use it. THIS IS ME!!!

If you have a funny mom joke or cartoon email it to me at and I will post it next Friday with a link to your blog. Yay for free advertising!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frugal = No fun

This will be a bit short because I'm uber disappointed right now and I'd like to go sulk my disappointment in a bag of Mint Milanos.

My dreams of a new wardrobe for work have been dashed. One look at my credit card bill and I know a shopping spree just isn't in the cards (pun totally intended). I want to know that my credit debt is manageable, and I cannot be trusted to stay within a small budget when it comes to clothes shoppping!

I was really looking forward to dressing up snazzy for the next two months before I become unemployed and hit the sweats again. I had visions of new wedge sandals, fancy heels, sundresses with cardigans, trendy spring scarves, and statement necklaces taking over my closet. I don't know how the hell I'm gonna manage to look decent for work. Everything I own is at this weird inbetween's either from before pregnancy (too small or just too worn out looking to look presentable) or during pregnancy (thankfully, those items are too big).

What to do, what to do. I wonder if they have added sweatpants and tank tops to the approved dress code. Oh well...I guess I am doomed to look like this forever...

Anyone know of any giveaways for a new wardrobe? ;) (For me, not Brit-Brit)

On a more positive note, it's Thankful Thursday!

Here is my list of 5 "little" things I am thankful for...feel free to comment with some of your own.

1.) Baseball season. Especially when beer is involved.
2.) Being able to open the windows again. Ironically, I am running the AC as I type this and the windows are closed...
3.) Makeup. Seriously, thank God for the person who thought of that idea.
4.) HGTV. Otherwise, I'd have nothing to put on for background noise from 1pm-4pm each day.
5.) Mint Milanos. Why is it so easy for me to eat Milanos by the bag, yet I can barely get down a whole apple?

As Always...
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"What can I say to get me out of this God awful conversation..."

This is what would go through my mind (pre-pregnancy) the entire time someone would go on, and on, and on, and on, about their kid(s) to me in a conversation. Three minutes about them yapping about their kid's sleep schedule (well, she naps for two hours, well not always two hours, sometimes it's less if she slept a lot the night before and sometimes she skips her nap if we are too busy that day and then she is up alll night and it is a nightmare!), felt like an absolute eternity. Seriously. I actually had apprehension about these conversations. For instance, if I was at work, the second someone would mention their kid's name in a convo, my brain automatically started thinking of ways to get out of there, and quick.

"Oh, I'd love to hear how this story about Johnny's dentist appointment ends, but I got to go pick up my kids from Music!"

"But your kids are at lunch right now..."

"Uh, I mean, I got to go make these copies for the afternoon!!"

Actually I would never really use the excuses I made up in my head, because I'd be too afraid they would think I was rude. So I just listened. And suffered.

There is really nothing more boring to a person without kids than listening to someone talk about their kid. When you don't have kids, everything that person is telling you has absolutely no meaning or relevance. You can't relate, you can't contribute, you can't offer can just stand there and nod your head, acting interested when really you would rather be doing dishes and folding laundry over listening to their ramblings.

Justin and I knew that once we had a baby, we were vulnerable to falling into this trap. The "bore all the people who don't have kids with constant chatter about our kid" trap. We remind ourselves to keep the kid talk out of conversations with people who don't have kids. We don't want to subject them to the mindless head nodding and fake smiling we had to do for all those years. Even with other parents, we try to keep the kid talk to a minimum.

Besides, I have a blog now to talk allll I want about having a kid. All moms should blog for this very reason. To save the sanity of the rest of the people in the world who can't relate to our stories about leaky diapers, the eight different formulas we've tried, and the story about how the baby loved the pacifier, but now he doesn't, but now he loves it again.

If you ever find yourself on the very boring end of a conversation with me, feel free to say, "Christie, go blog about it." I promise, I will not take offense.

As Always...
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Wednesday Wisdom

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~Tenneva Jordan

Have a great quote about moms? Email it to me at and I will feature it in next week's post with a link to your blog! If you're not a blogger, still feel free to send great mom quotes my way.

The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Suck at Cleaning

I have always fought my husband on having a cleaning lady. He wanted one, I didn't. I'm a young, active person; surely I can clean my own condo. It's not like I live in some big house with three messy kids. It's just the two of us and a baby.

Yeah...that was my mentality BEFORE having a baby. I sure as hell don't want to waste 3-4 hours of my "free" time scrubbing toilets and wiping down baseboards. So, about a month ago I caved and we decided to add Marva and Kim to our family. Well, at least for one day a month they are a part of our family. They have a very vital role. They clean all of our slop from the last month. I never knew how much I SUCKED at cleaning until those ladies came in and outdid any cleaning job I've ever done tenfold. And they did it in less than two hours! How embarrassing for me to think my house used to look clean...

Unfortunately, we can only afford our new family members to visit once a month. Actually, we can't even afford that- we are just THAT lazy. I really wish they could come bi-weekly because it's been two weeks since their last cleaning and this place is feeling grimy again. Or maybe it's just the excessive amount of baby items taking over my living room that make it feel dirty, when in reality it's just overly cluttered and is starting to resemble the infant room of a day care center. As someone who likes everything in its place, this is very hard for me to get used to.

See for yourself...

"Haha Mom! I'm just gettin started!"

Too Cute Tuesday!

Now this is a girl who's up to something!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Ginger, SHUT IT!"

Don't worry; Ginger is my dog, not my baby. Ginger loves to bark, but she especially loves to bark right after I have finally gotten Aubrey to go down for a nap. She barks piercingly loud at any and all things from the sliding doors in our living room. This includes people, squirrels, pieces of trash, and of course-other dogs.

Ginger's barking is especially a problem for us because we live in a condo. Aubrey's bedroom is right next to our living room, so it's inevitable that she will hear Ginger's obnoxious barking fits. At one point, Justin and I were watching Dog Whisperer almost every day of the week, trying to pick up some valuable dog training tricks that would bring us some peace and quiet. All that created was a scene involving a rambunctious, barking dog and two humans chasing after her, pointing their fingers, and trying to imitate Cesar Millan’s "SHH! SHH!" technique (unsuccessfully).

Some days, I just make Ginger go to her "bed" while Aubrey sleeps. Family nap time I like to call it. Although, I don't nap. If I need to shower and Aubrey is napping, Ginger has to go to her bed. If I see Ginger run to her "post"(this is her prime barking spot-the living room doors) while Aubrey is napping, I tell her immediately to go to bed. Do I feel guilty at times for punishing a dog for just doing what a dog is supposed to do? Yeah, sometimes I do. Do I feel guilty enough to let her bark her brains out and wake up the baby? Nope, not at all.

Sorry Ginger, we've all had to make sacrifices for our new little addition, and you are no exception!

Ginger at her "Post"


Recently I posted about having to change Aubrey's crib sheet numerous times a week because of leaky diapers. A friend of ours, Amy, says she swears by Huggies Overnites Diapers. We love the Huggies Snug and Dry for during the day, but now that Aubrey is sleeping longer at night we need something even more leak resistant. We are going to give Amy's suggestion a try, because I am tired of changing those crib sheets. Changing crib sheets = more laundry = stressed mommy.

Huggies Overnites Diapers, Size 4, Big Pack, 64-Count Box

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exciting Changes!

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Also, beginning next week, I will continue with my usual posts, but I will also be adding a fun addition to each day.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

An amazing thing is happening. I am getting to the point where I look in the mirror and I see... MYSELF!

NOT the 2.0 version of myself which included (but was not limited to):

1)tired, dark eyes
2)blotchy, washed-out, hormone-crazy skin
3)a stomach that looks like a beer belly but it's really leftover baby fat
4)floppy boobs (what was left of them...)

CHECK IT OUT...SCARY!!!!!!!!!! (At least the baby's cute)

But the original 1.0 version...the version that existed pre-pregnancy is making a comeback. Welcome back, self! Welcome back!


I must first and foremost thank my lovely daughter, Aubrey, for sleeping 9-11 hours per night. I believe that SLEEP really is the key to looking good! I'd also like to thank the fine folks at Oil Of Olay for their amazing eye cream, rejuvenating face wash, and age defying foundation. My gynecologist, for quickly getting me back on the pill which has done wonders for my skin. A special thank you to my mom for showing me extremely effective chest exercises that have quickly firmed up and perked up the girls (email me for the secret...). Who could forget Crest White Strips? How I missed you while I was pregnant; thank you for brightening my smile. And finally, The Moorestown Mall, thank you for letting me use you as my own personal gym, walking the baby from Macy's to Boscov’s and back again...and again...and again.

Next on my list? Cutting back on the sweats...

Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream - .5 oz. Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips, 14-Count Boxes (Packaging may vary)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look Who's Talking

Before Aubrey, I used to equate moms talking to their babies in their strollers with people talking to their dogs out on a walk. Cute, but kinda weird considering the one on the receiving end of the conversation can't talk or even understand what the person is saying. I would see the mom chatting away to her baby in the middle of a store and think how it was all a bit corny. From the high pitched voice, the freakishly large smiles, the language that just barely resembled adult just always made me roll my eyes and think, "That will sooo not be me."

Then I had Aubrey and drum rolllll...surprise #237 that I didn't expect before I had a baby...I talk to my baby ALL THE TIME. Public or not. Sometimes people mistake me for talking to them and they turn around and see me chatting away and obnoxiously smiling to Aubrey in her stroller. I almost ran over an old lady and her cart with my stroller in Wegmans today (are you picking up on that I spend a lot of time at Target and Wegmans yet?) because I was so caught up in how cute Aubrey was sucking on her rattle. I may just be the loudest, most high-pitched, baby talker there is. In public, I pretty much tell her how cute she is and other annoying things like, "Aw, you love Mr. Cow? Is Mr. Cow your friend? Are you going to play with him?” But at home? That is where it gets a bit stranger...

Corniness in Action

I think I talk to Aubrey so much at home to keep myself sane sometimes. For example, when she is crying. I try to explain to her what is going on as if she will understand and think, "Oh, okay mom. Thanks for the explanation, I'll stop crying now."

Take yesterday for example. I was changing Aubrey's crib sheet for the 89th time this week, and I had her strapped on her changing table. She usually enjoys watching me change her crib sheet, but not yesterday. She started crying and fussing and that's when I started giving her my spiel on why she had to wait..."It's okay Aubrey, Mommy is changing your crib sheet because it's all dirty. I know you want mommy to pick you up, but it's time for your nap and if I don't change your crib sheet, you'll have nowhere to sleep! Okay? So, can you just wait two more minutes? I would go faster, but it's so hard trying to get this sheet under the mattress with this bumper in the way. I'm going as fast as I can, I'm so sorry; please don't think mommy is ignoring you..." And this conversation (well, monologue I suppose since Aubrey doesn't understand or answer me at any point) goes on until I am done my task.

I do this all the time. I guess I do it more to calm myself down than Aubrey. It's my way of explaining to myself why it's okay that my baby is screaming at the top of her lungs and I'm not able to pick her up and calm her down.

Motherhood continues to surprise me every day; the way it changes my actions and thoughts about everything. Ah, I better go walk the dog before Aubrey awakes from her slumber. And no, I haven't started having conversations with the dog as she finds a place to do her business...some things (although not many) have not changed!

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