Thursday, April 29, 2010

Babies Really Can Roll Off Couches When You're Not Looking...

Aubrey is nine days shy of 5 months, and luckily, I've only done two things that could potentially scar her for life. However, I anticipate many more to come in the upcoming years, so I am by no means implying that I should be considered for Mom of the Year. I will share one of those stories with you today, and the other I'll share with you when you have forgotten all about this one, and are therefore less likely to label me as a bad, inattentive mother. Deal?

The first happened about a month ago. It was RIGHT when she started to become extremely squirmy and "roll-y", so I wasn't accustomed to being glued to her side when she was on the couch. If I wanted to run into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, I knew she wasn't going anywhere in those 10 seconds. Well on this day, she was going somewhere.

I had her lying on her stomach, leaning up on her boppy pillow. I walked into the kitchen (directly next to the family room), and looked over at her on the couch. HOLY CRAP. SHE'S NOT ON THE COUCH! I ran over (the whole 15 feet) and she was lying on the floor with the boppy pillow on her head. She wasn't crying, just staring up at me, but I lost it. I scooped her up, frantically ran to my husband and told him I think I may have just damaged the baby.

After seeing me all worked up, she started to cry. She fussed for about two minutes, and then was smiley and laughing and playing like normal. Of course, I still googled it for a half hour to determine the amount of damage I had done. Turns out, this has happened to MANY moms and a lot of the babies were right around the age of Aubrey. I guess I should have listened more closely when the experts said to never leave the baby unattended, not even for a second, because you never know if that will be the day they decide to roll.

Oops. You better believe I learned my lesson and now I NEVER leave her alone, not even to grab a water bottle. If I wasn't paranoid before, I certainly am now. So now when she is 12 years old and she does something stupid and someone asks her, "What? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" Unfortunately, she can reply, "Yes, it's all my mom's fault."

Click here for a good article from Dr.Sears to ease your mind if your baby has ever rolled off something or fallen down.

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Thankful Thursday

5 little things I'm thankful for this week:

1. My husband staying up late with the baby so I could sleep off my cold, or is it allergies? Who the hell knows anymore!
2. A Sunday spent in pajamas and not having to leave the house.
3. Finding five dollars in my cargos that I haven't worn since last summer. I was excited enough when I found money in my pocket, but I almost jumped up and down when I saw it was a five dollar bill!
4. Getting the link function to work on my blog :)
5. Cannolis. YUM.


  1. Aw.. you are not a bad mommy, these things happen and will continue to happen more frequently as your baby gets older.

    My daughter, Illusia's accident was much more serious and I still feel guilty about it.

    See, we went to the park and it was all built like a giant, wooden castle amidst in wood chips and we were having a grand time taking images of Illusia 'hiding' in the castle and swinging on the swing.

    Well, they had this little fake boat in the castle 'moat' about 3 inches off the ground with a little wheel and seat, it was so cute. So, I thought, since at that age (6 months) she could sit up and hold herself up it was safe to take a picture...

    So I let go for one second, just ONE to click the shutter with my hands out of the image. And she stood up, and did not stay standing :(.

    She fell right over onto the cement (Which, I did not know was there. the entire rest of the park was wood chips and who puts cement inside a toddler boat!?!?)

    She was screaming and had a big knot on her head and I was sobbing, thinking I killed her just to get a cute picture and it was a big, emotional thing that I will never forget.

    Needless to say, we rushed her to the ER and she was fine and in a few days all evidence of our ordeal was gone. But I still think about it and say 'stupid, stupid, stupid!' to myself.

    So, do not feel bad! I have been there and worse!

  2. Wow, I can only imagine how you felt. I FREAKED out when this happened and it really was more of a soft roll off a low couch. Like you said, I think these things are inevitable with babies. I think it scars us more than it scars them!