Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Suck at Cleaning

I have always fought my husband on having a cleaning lady. He wanted one, I didn't. I'm a young, active person; surely I can clean my own condo. It's not like I live in some big house with three messy kids. It's just the two of us and a baby.

Yeah...that was my mentality BEFORE having a baby. I sure as hell don't want to waste 3-4 hours of my "free" time scrubbing toilets and wiping down baseboards. So, about a month ago I caved and we decided to add Marva and Kim to our family. Well, at least for one day a month they are a part of our family. They have a very vital role. They clean all of our slop from the last month. I never knew how much I SUCKED at cleaning until those ladies came in and outdid any cleaning job I've ever done tenfold. And they did it in less than two hours! How embarrassing for me to think my house used to look clean...

Unfortunately, we can only afford our new family members to visit once a month. Actually, we can't even afford that- we are just THAT lazy. I really wish they could come bi-weekly because it's been two weeks since their last cleaning and this place is feeling grimy again. Or maybe it's just the excessive amount of baby items taking over my living room that make it feel dirty, when in reality it's just overly cluttered and is starting to resemble the infant room of a day care center. As someone who likes everything in its place, this is very hard for me to get used to.

See for yourself...

"Haha Mom! I'm just gettin started!"

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  1. i hear you! I do not find joy in pushing a broom around or dusting!

  2. i hear you! I do not find joy in pushing a broom around or dusting!