Friday, April 23, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Nightime Routine Edition

I have survived the newest phase of my life, Working Mom: Week 1! I wish I had some video clips of me at work, so that you could actually believe just how smoothly it went. Going to work every day has actually felt more like a break than a stress. Notice how I say "going to work" feels more like a break...once I get home, it's a whole different story. MY, OH MY, how my evening routines have changed since 6 months ago! Let's take a gander, shall we?

A typical afternoon last October (about 8 months pregnant):

1. Home around 4pm.
2. Use the loo.
3. Change into sweats.
4. Take out the dog.
5. Get the mail.
6. Eat a snack.
7.. Watch tv.
8. Talk to hubby on his ride home.
9. Watch tv.
10. Cook dinner. Ok, well this didn't happen every day.
11. Spend the next four hours doing as I please. Much like the previous two hours.

A typical afternoon this week:

1. Stumble into the front door with my work bag, diaper bag, lunch bag, and baby at 4:15.
2. Drop all the bags wherever they may land and pray the glass bottles don't break.
3. Hold the baby for about ten minutes in an attempt to make up for 8 hours of lost time.
4. Put the baby in her swing and give in to the yelping dog who is begging to go out and pee.
5. Play with the baby (still dressed in work clothes)in yet another attempt to make up for 8 hours of lost time.
6. Wash a gazillion bottles.
7. Baby is now fussing and I feel guilty for not being next to her, so I go and play with her again.
8. Unpack diaper bag and reload for tomorrow.
9. Unpack my lunch bag.
10. Rush into the bedroom and throw on sweats.
11. Finally use the bathroom.
12. Baby needs a diaper change.
13. Baby needs a bottle.
14. Baby wants to be held and rocked for fifteen minutes...I don't mind this :)
15. Mommy needs a break but it's nowhere in sight!

And this is just the first hour and a half. Notice how certain things like get the mail, talk to the hubby, cook dinner, watch tv, and "do as I please" (HA!) did not make the cut. This pattern continues til about 9pm. At that point, I am so exhausted from moving 80mph all day that all I can think about is bed.

I told all the kids at school today that they need to go home and give their moms big hugs and say, "Thank you Mom!" I should probably do the same...


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Funny Friday


  1. Your post is so funny, and also sooo true! I can definitely relate to the feeling of going to work being a break :-) Congratulations on completing your first week.

  2. Licia--glad you can relate! My perception of "stress" now is so different than it was pre-baby!

  3. Love it and I completely understand!! so you went from having one job (at home) to having two jobs that never stop!!! Take time for you!!!

  4. I'm a SAHM and I still feel the same way--the whirlwind doesn't stop until about 9 pm. I don't know how you workin' mamas do it all! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Abeyance: so true...I have gone from having one full time job to two! Since I can't add hours to the day, I just have to move twice as fast.

    Sarah: I know exactly what you're saying! Before I went back to work, I (like you) STILL didn't stop moving til late evening. This is the exact reason why the thought of having a 2nd baby is so scary to me!

  6. I love this post! I'm a new follower.. its funny how things change after baby!