Monday, May 3, 2010

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Don't I look great?!

Okay, technically, that's not me, but it will be very hard to differentiate between me and this Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (sans the cheerleading get up) in a few weeks.

As you all know, I've been struggling with trying to squeeze in a workout (notice: "a" workout, my goal is now to work out even just once a week) with working full time. So, I figured when the baby woke up at FIVE-THIRTY AM on Saturday morning and was already down for a nap by 7:30am, I might as well do something productive for myself. I surfed on demand and saw a PLETHORA of varied, fun, challenging workouts. You can choose everything from dancing to tae bo to yoga to walking. I was beyond excited about my little discovery that most people have probably known about for years.

After fifteen minutes of being indecisive, I chose the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader low impact boot camp workout, because who the hell doesn't want to look like a DCC (that's what they call the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for short)?? I figured "low impact" would be a safe way to begin. The workout was challenging, but do-able. I'm thinking maybe after 12 weeks of working out only once a week, I'll be ready to up the ante and try the more intense boot camp workout. What do ya think?

Anyhow, the trainer, Jay Johnson, is your typical workout guru. He's very motivational, saying things like "Some people drive jaguars, WE LIVE IN OURS!!... and...your body is your temple, this is YOUR time, it's free to have a strong body!!" I found myself saying, "Yeah...YEAH!" The DCC serve as the "models" for the workout, and of course, that is really motivation enough to want to make some personal improvements. I'll never have the bleach blond hair, fake tan, and fake boobs, but dammit, I CAN get my ass to look good! I know I can, because Jay Johnson says so. He says with just three half-hour workouts a week, we can all get in as good as shape as them, so I know it must be bullshit true. Well then, I might as well pencil in the try out dates on my calendar to be on next year's squad. Oh crap. If only my being an Eagles fan wasn't standing in the way-I'd totally be on my way to becoming a DCC.

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Must Have Monday

LOVE this jumperoo! Aubrey not only plays in her jumperoo, but she also loves to just stand in it and hang out. For babies that don't like sitting still, this is a great product.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo

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  1. Congratulations on getting a workout in. I can relate to your struggles and cannot say I was able to squeeze in a workout this weekend. It had never ocurred to me to surf the on-demand workouts. Such a good idea!!! Thanks for sharing it.