Thursday, May 6, 2010

No shoes, No shirt, No problems.

Every morning I get to go on a mini vacation. It's only for about a half hour, but it includes many of the necessary vacation components... warm fresh air, quiet time alone, Kenny Chesney, and a freshly brewed iced tea (compliments of Dunkin Donuts). You see, my thirty minute morning commute has morphed into my thirty minute get-away from the busyness and stress of everyday life. As soon as I pick up my Dunkin Donuts Large Iced Tea, I put down the windows (sunny days help), pop in my Kenny Chesney mix, and it's off to "me" time. I don't have poker nights or business person specials at the Phillies Games like my husband. My free time is my morning commute, and I am living it up. Although, when I pull into the parking lot at work and the music goes off, it kind of sounds like a screeching record transporting me back to reality. But for those thirty minutes every morning, my reality is a sunny beach in the Bahamas, with nothing but warm air, an iced tea, and some good 'ol Kenny Chesney.

This is where I go every morning in my mind...

(My husband, my bro, me, and my brother in law in the Bahamas)

Thankful Thursday

1. Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea (you knew that was coming).
2. My husband was not hurt in the car accident on Monday.
3. The opportunity to buy an SUV that will be more conducive to life with a baby than my little Mazda.
4. Quiche this morning in the teacher's lounge for teacher appreciation delish!
5. Today is the last day of NJASK testing.


  1. Haha, i'm the sameeee way when I drive someplace by myself. Like last night I made a quick trip to get peaches to make baby food (BTW its outta season, I found out after 3 stores) and my music was blaring, windows down.. Its like a little zone that is no one else's but ours lol

  2. I now live 5 minutes from my house and I never really thought I would miss my 30 minute commute, but I do! It used to be my me time. A chance to relax before starting the work day. Enjoy!