Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One of My Many Wishes for Aubrey

There are many things I wish for Aubrey. Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I prayed every night for her and still do. I go through a whole laundry list of things that I wish for her. One of the things I pray for is that she grows up to be a kind person. A truly kind person.

Being a teacher, I see all kinds of personalities. Personalities range from caring to funny to sneaky to pains in the asses hyper. I teach in a small school, and we have a student who is a bit eccentric, to put it kindly. I will call her Abby. She is loud and unintentionally inappropriate at times. Unfortunately, she has been suffering from depression because of how she is treated by her classmates. The kids don't try to be mean to her, they just don't know how to respond to or handle her when she is being inappropriate. Even as an adult, I need to sometimes remind myself that she has issues and to handle her differently than I would one of my other students.

My point is, very few students demonstrate patience and kindness towards this girl. However, one girl who I have been teaching for the past two years is one of those people who is just innately kind. Her kindness is something to be envied by students and adults alike. She doesn't participate when students mock "Abby". She volunteers to help Abby pick up her books if they fall. She doesn't make a face when I assign her to be partners with the "dork" of the class. She doesn't participate in the middle school drama. I don't hear her whispering about someone's outfit when she is doing group work. She's kind amongst other things as well. She's one of, if not the brightest girl in the grade. She has a great sense of humor and plenty of friends. She is secure and confident.

I used to tell her (before I was even pregnant) that if I ever had a daughter, she better be just like her. And it's the truth. I want many things for Aubrey, but one of the most important things I wish for her is that she treats others kindly. I teach many students who come from painful backgrounds and circumstances. The last thing they need is for someone to be mean to them. People don't ask for the hand they've been dealt in life. Emotional scars are just like physical scars...they change people forever. I hope Aubrey understands this as she grows up and she remembers to treat other kids kindly because you never know what they go home to.

I went to a Jodee Messina concert back in 2000 and she said something that I will never forget. She said to always do three things: 1)Respect yourself. 2) Treat others kindly. 3) Pray.

I think the world would be a better place if we all would do those three things. I hope that I can do my part by raising a daughter who lives these values.

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