Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Name Drama

I never understood why people didn't reveal the name of their baby before it was born. Why was it so Top Secret? It's not like we're never going to find out what the name is. So when my husband and I were contemplating names for our daughter while I was pregnant, we made the decision to share our list with people. WOW!! What a mistake. I quickly learned why people didn't share the name of their baby-to-be with others.

No matter what name you choose for your child, half the people you tell give you a reason why that name is no good. As if you're going to change your mind about the name because they didn't like a kid in 4th grade with that name. I used to get a kick out of people telling me that Aubrey would be called Audrey her whole life. Funny, it's only happened once so far. I also find it funny because these days Aubrey is actually a more popular name than Audrey (according to the SSA 2009 Top 100 Baby Names).

I don't know why people think they are entitled to give their opinion about your baby's name. When you tell them the name you are giving your child, you are NOT asking for their input or opinion. Therefore, I think it's rude and inappropriate for people to tell you what they think. Some people just have no tact anymore. If someone approached me with their two year old and said "Hi, this is my son so and so" I would NEVER say "Ew! Why'd you name him that??!!" So why do people think it's okay to say that to a pregnant woman?

Even though it was annoying to hear people's unsolicited opinions of Aubrey's name, I will most likely reveal my next baby's name during my pregnancy as well. Thanks to people's rudeness criticisms, I have developed a thick skin when it comes to baby name drama :)

Okay, let me hop off my soap box and start my weekend...TGIF! YES!

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  1. People always asked about my daughter's name when I was pregnant and I have gotten used to the comments. I just knew that was her name and no one was going to change my mind. I feel the same way. I still get a little peeved when people roll their eyes at her name and ask me how to spell it. I feel like say, "Are you writing her a check? No? Then you don't need to spell it."

  2. It's funny how there are things we just have to learn by experience. I had the same thoughts about people who didn't tell their baby name prior to birth, even when they explained the reason for doing so! And then... I got to experience the opinions from everyone and realized how it felt. I didn't keep my second baby's name secret (I'm no good about keeping stuff secret, lol) but now when someone tells me what they are going to name their baby I always say "oh, what a great name!"

  3. Shoot! The only person to say the wrong name so far has been her Godmother? This does not reflect well on me...

  4. I'm going through the whole name dilemma now with my first baby. We haven't decided on names, we just have lists of ones we like. When I tell someone some of the names I'm thinking about, some people say, "Don't pick that one, I don't like that name." It drives me crazy! Unless I specifically ask, "Do you like this name?" I really don't want an opinion. I can see why people don't share their names!

  5. Hmm, that is an interesting idea I never really thought about. My daughter's name is so unusual that when I was pregnant my family just kind of accepted me as the crazy mother that would not give her daughter a 'traditional' name....

    Of course I did tell them that if they made fun of me for my choice I would brutally maul them. But, it was totally just the pregnancy hormones talking. (or was it?!? *shifty eyes*)

    I get asked her name all the time now and have received tons and tons of people that acted like they honestly loved her name (Illusia) and called it beautiful and original.

    Then a handful who kind of said "Oh." as in 'I do not like it but do not want to offend you.' which is fine, unique names are not for everyone.

    I have only ever gotten one hurtful remark that was someone saying 'You made up your daughter's name?!---poor kid.' they were half joking in a sardonic, catty way but it made me pissed.

    Like their child's name existed before the history of mankind? Um, no guess what someone, at some point made it up!

    Maybe it has been passed down for hundreds of years, translated through different languages and now you have your kid named after it. I just cut out the middle man.

    P.S. I think Aubrey is a beautiful name :)