Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Separation Anxiety...it's not just for infants.

I always thought that separation anxiety was when a baby realized that mom or dad was gone, and they would get upset because they didn't know when or if they'd return. This normally would occur when the baby was around 6 months old.

Apparently, I have seemed to develop this anxiety normally reserved for infants. Thankfully I haven't resorted to infant behaviors such as screaming my lungs out and throwing a tantrum, but don't discount those from the realm of possibilities. On the right morning, with only a few hours of sleep, I'm sure I'd be able to channel my inner infant when it came time to leave Aubrey.

I am just having the HARDEST time leaving her. It's such a hard adjustment going from being with her 24/7 to only seeing her for two-three hours at night. Activities that I would normally jump at the chance to do to get out of the house are now not so appealing.

For example...on Saturday night Justin and I had plans to go out. We were supposed to leave the house at 8:00ish. We didn't leave til 10. Now in my defense, we were out car shopping all day and didn't get home til late. But part of the reason for our late departure was because I physically couldn't leave Aubrey. She was exhausted and up way past her bedtime, so I knew she would be falling asleep within minutes after I left (and she did). But, I had hardly seen her all week and on Saturday I barely saw her at all. The thought of leaving her again made me so anxious. We ended up going out, and my mom texted me ten minutes later saying Aubrey was passed out.

And as for me? Three captain and cokes into my evening, I was the one about to pass out. Whether it was the alcohol or the exhaustion, that will remain unsaid...

The good news is there only 31 school days left and then it's back to my favorite "day job". At which point, I will be BEGGING to leave the house for a night!

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  1. We have to shows sympathy towards orphan child.i really like your blog.