Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Mother's Day

For the first time in my life, mother's day felt like a holiday. No offense to my own mom, of course :) But obviously, this year it had extra special meaning to me. Know what I mean?

Aubrey was a perfect little angel on my first mother's day. She was extra happy and smiley and she barely slept. No, you didn't read that wrong...the lack of sleep was actually a good thing, since I barely got to see her this past week due to the car accident fiasco. However, if she had slept in til 7 instead of waking up at 6, I wouldn't have complained :)

It meant so much to me to get spend every minute of today with her. I miss her more and more now that I'm working. We went to breakfast, ran errands together, had dinner with the extended family, and played til bedtime. She was so happy throughout it all. Not to sound cliché, but the best gift I ever could’ve asked for was spending each minute of today with my happy, smiley Aubrey. I know Mother's Day is a day to celebrate moms, but I truly felt like it was a day to celebrate the little angel that made me a mom and a better person.

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  1. Love the new redesign! I'll never forget that first Mother's Day. I'd been dying for years to do all the mom stuff with my babies, like go to the aquarium and zoo. Hubby took us to the aquarium and bought us a membership. Even though Sweetness was 8 months, she loved looking at the fish and other animals in the water. Then we went out for crab for lunch (no shellfish for the baby though, that was for mommy!) What was really special was the next year we looked at the photos and as it turned out, that very day that Mother's Day fell on the year before was the day I gave birth to my little boy the next year. This was my first Mother's Day with two. It just gets better and better!! Happy Mommy Day!

  2. I don't know if I told you this, but if my last boy would have been a girl, like I was 99% sure he was going to be, we would have named her Aubrey. I think it is such a beautiful name. But he was a boy and so we named him Brigham.
    SO glad that your first official Mother's Day was so great! You deserve it, you extraordinary mother, you!!