Monday, May 17, 2010

From Cosmo to Parents Magazine

I have always loved getting magazines in the mail. They're less committal than books. I can read a bit here and there, I can read them from back to front, or I can randomly flip to a page in the middle and still not be lost. I looked forward to reading my magazines after a long day of work, while my husband watched some action movie that I had zero interest in acting interested in.

At one point, my subscription list had reached a dangerously high level. It started out innocent, I only subscribed to four or five of my faves. But then, they sucked me in with all of these real cheap offers. "Sure, I'll subscribe to Country Living Rooms and Kitchens, it's only $5". Before I knew it, I was getting a new mag EVERY DAY in the mail and even my oversized recycling bin couldn't keep up with the turnover rate.

Like many of my favorite pastimes, my love affair with magazines came to a screeching halt about 5 1/2 months ago (Aubrey was born 12/8, you do the math). I really don't have much time anymore to peruse through magazines on Friday nights while I sip on a cocktail. However, those magazines are still a coming. I have a whole stack of Glamours, Cosmos, Fitness, and Food Network mags that have wonderful tips for holiday outfits and Christmas cookie recipes, I have just yet to read them (this explains the botched Christmas cookies and homely holiday threads I wore this year). Seriously, this was my Christmas outfit...a green zippy and black sweatpants.

Conversely, every single one of my Parents magazines since December has been read front to back (at least once, some of them twice) and most of them have numerous articles or tips cut out. This time last year I was cutting out articles from Cosmo that promised me a brighter complexion or perfect waves. Now, my once coveted fashion mags are collecting dust, and my magazine clippings have titles such as "Help Your Child Sleep Better So You Can Too" and "14 Reasons to Head to the Emergency Room". I love how Parents magazine throws in a random fashion spread here and there to make you feel like a hip woman again for a few seconds...right next to the page on cures for spit up. Ah yes, nothing screams "I'm ready for fashion again!" like a pleasant reminder that every single shirt you own will end up stained with spit up! Not even your shoes are safe from spit up.

Nonetheless, I can read Parents magazine from front to back in twenty minutes, and shockingly I really have lost interest in even skimming through my old mags. I'm sure the time will come when I go back to my old faithfuls, but in the meantime, it looks like I'll be getting my fashion fix sandwiched somewhere between "Tips for Tummy Time" and "How to Puree Your Own Baby Food".

Monday Must Have

Of course it has to be Parents Magazine! They have a deal right now that if you subscribe for one year (12 bucks) you get two years free. Awesome deal. Click the link above to go to the site.

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  1. If you really have a stack of Cosmos and Glamours.... I'll take them off your hands for you ;-)

  2. I have a ton! I will continue to save them and give them to you :)

  3. I just ordered my subscription of parents and american baby (combo pack, yay!) and luckily my cosmo and glamour just ended...I didn't even touch them when I was pregnant either, haha! Yet another great blog!

  4. OMG I love parenting/baby/kids magazines now. I am addicted and constantly online checking out new products that are mentioned, trying new crafts that I read about and loving it! I end up subscribing to them all.

    Parents is the one I do not have now so I will check it out. But, pretty much everything else: Baby Talk, American Baby, Family fun, Wild Animal Baby, Mothering.

    I need to cut back not buy more, really. I also really want Baby Couture even though I am sure I cannot afford a single item in it!

    I am following from Fanged Faerie Princess, give us a follow back if you want. Read your blog all the time ;)

  5. I looked at a Glamour magazine the other day for the first time in years. I thought to myself, there's no way my post-baby body would look cute in that! I read all my parenting magazines during my breaks at work. It makes pumping seems like much less of a chore!