Friday, May 7, 2010

10 Things I Must Do By 30

Things I want to do by age 30 without using the excuse "Oh I would love to do that, but it's so hard with the baby..."

1. Learn how to cook fresh, healthy dinners. God be with us, it may end up being a very hungry next 16 months.

2. Take a vacation with just my husband.

3. Write book #2.

4. Publish book #1...

5. Learn one really good dance. Emphasis on the word "learn". I'm not expecting any miracles in the talent department.

6. Try skiing again. While it's true that I never fall when skiing, I think that me pizza-wedging it the whole time at a speed of 1 mph kind of negates the impressiveness of me not falling.

7. Sell the condo and buy a house.

8. Read a book. Sounds simple, but I usually get 1/3 of the way in and never go back to it again.

9. Join a mommy group as an attempt to find some other new mom friends to share new mom experiences with.

10. Get pregnant again. Or maybe I should phrase that, "Convince myself that pregnancy wasn't that bad and that a baby was only really hard for the first few weeks..."

I would love to do all these things by age 30,but it's so hard with a baby
and I will try my best to get them all accomplished!

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  1. #5-- When you are ready for some country line dancing, just let me know :)