Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dare I Say It? Are Things Getting...Easier?

An interesting thing has been happening over the last few weeks. As Aubrey is becoming more independent and her personality is blossoming by the day, things are becoming (dare I say it!)...easier.

Let me list some of the perks that come with this new stage we're in...

-Now that the novelty of crawling has worn off, Aubrey can sit in the same place and entertain herself without crawling off and getting into trouble within 4 seconds. This means when I make a sandwich, I can actually take 3 minutes to eat it without having to chase a runaway baby!

-And while she loves playing with Mommy (actually, it seems like she could care less, but I like to pretend she enjoys it), she really has been quite content to play on her own while I watch The View fold laundry.

- When we go out places, I can put Aubrey in the shopping cart now and she loves it. She loves looking at everything in the store and chatting with the other customers. Another bonus? Now that she's awake for long periods at a time, I don't have to worry about rushing around so we can get home for naptime.

-As Aubrey is getting older, she is enjoying more activities. I can take her to farms, parks, and infant/toddler play places and she actually enjoys them and has fun. No more relying on Target as my sole source of entertainment!

-To add to my ease, she is also finally on a great schedule. So much easier to plan my days when I know when she’ll be awake!

-Big plus: We've nailed the bedtime routine and Aubrey consistently goes to bed at a nice, reasonable time of 7:30. There’s now plenty of time for me and Justin to turn off our brains and recharge (aka watching hours of mindless television).

Yes, things are becoming more routine, more predictable, and more enjoyable. I am loving this stage. I love that she has such a great personality and that she is able to start enjoying the things we do together. There are still days when I want to run for the hills, but overall, I feel like motherhood is finally becoming what I thought it would be when I was pregnant...FUN! I can only hope that she holds off for a couple more months before she starts walking. I still need another month or two to refill my energy (and patience) reserves!


  1. Isn't it fantastic when they can start entertaining themselves for more than 10 seconds? It sounds like you're on to a great routine!

  2. Those little booties in the picture are too cute (and so is Aubrey, but that goes without saying!) Where did you get them?

  3. Thanks Jackie, we are!

    Cara--You'll have to ask my mom, she bought them for her!