Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music to My Ears

Over the last eight months, Aubrey has preferred moving to talking. She's been so busy getting around, that she hasn't spent much time working on her babbling. I've been waiting and waiting to hear her make some distinguishing consonant sounds, and finally the last couple of weeks have brought music to my ears!

Aubrey is now babbling away. Her faves are buh-buh-buh, and when she's angry or upset, she says muh-muh-muuuuuuuuuuuuuuh (she's practicing for when she yells at me in the future). The funny part is how she says the same sound over and over, yet she uses inflection as if she's speaking in sentences. I have to tell you, they are the most beautiful sentences I've ever heard! When we're in the car and I hear her "talking", I turn down the radio and listen to her having her little conversations. Last night I even dreamt that she was talking to me in real sentences.

I am just so excited to hear Aubrey start the beginnings of talking. Partly because it's such a huge milestone, but also because I can't wait to actually hear her little voice and KNOW what she wants and how she is feeling. Now I know all you moms that already have kids are probably thinking, "Once she talks, you'll be wishing she wasn't!" But I don't care. Of all of her milestones so far, nothing has made me smile more than hearing her trying to talk to me :)


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  1. Awww....as a mom of 3 I know exactly how you feel now & how you will feel in the future when she is whining & giving you attitude, but I have to agree with you. When your baby starts to communicate with you those are the best sounds in the world. When Ty coos it melts my heart! As the song goes "you're gonna miss this" so treasure every happy moment...it goes by soooo fast.

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I'm so excited about Thirty One!

  2. It's one of the best sounds ever!!! I remember when Jason was having all his issues and needed early intervention for speech delay. He was almost 2 before he even started to babble!!! Once he started talking he never stopped! Lol I heard myself shush him once when I was in Target & then it hit me---I prayed for this child to speak...I cried over not knowing his voice...& there I was telling him to be quiet!? I stopped in the middle of the aisle & let him say everything he had to say! Kids will drive u crazy sometimes but I'll take the insanity over anything else!