Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outings with Aubrey

Lately I've been taking Aubrey to places where she can interact with other babies and toddlers. We've gone to a playgroup, the park, a kids' session at the library, the animal farm, a music class at Gymboree (thanks for the suggestion, Corinne!), and Ocean in Motion (it's like a big playroom for kids).

I LOVE going to these places with Aubrey. Not only do we get to play together, but she gets to observe and interact with other little ones (and I get the opportunity to meet and socialize with other moms!). I have to tell you, time goes much faster when you and your baby are out interacting with other moms and babies than it does when you are playing with the same 8 toys over and over again on your family room floor. And most of these places are way more baby friendly than my family room and its many bookshelves and power outlets. As much as I love to give Aubrey the opportunity to "explore" the house, that girl has got to calm down with ripping up my magazines and throwing the dog food across the kitchen floor.

But most importantly, I love going to these places because Aubrey really enjoys playing with the other babies. Well, I guess she doesn't really play with other babies. It's more like they crawl over each other to get to what they want. But she certainly loves watching the "older" kids (you know, the walking ones) run around and play. She can sit and watch a 2 year old play for 15 minutes. I wish I could train her to watch me for 15 minutes at home while I put on my makeup or make lunch (or sleep...)! This is the ONE thing I miss about working--Aubrey getting to play with other kids during the day, and the opportunity to learn from them.

This is just the start of fun outings with my baby girl, and I can't wait for more to come.

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