Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Wish I was 7 Months Pregnant Right Now

But totally not for any of the reasons you are probably thinking. I'm definitely not ready for another baby, and I certainly don't miss the giant belly that prohibited me from doing simple tasks like bending over, sleeping, and even breathing.

No, I wish I was pregnant because I had the cutest maternity clothes last year! And since I was working, I had a great mix of stylish, trendy, and fashionable clothes. Not to mention comfortable...elastic waistbands on jeans? Who knew they'd be so cozy, yet look so chic! From leggings and tunics to adorable dresses with flats, I was dressed to the nines.

But, now that it's fall and I'm taking inventory of what I have to work with this year, I am left looking at a depleted wardrobe of "regular sized" clothes that hasn't been replenished since 2008. All of the lovely clothes I bought last year were for a woman who was working full time and was 6-9 months pregnant.

Since I am low on funds this year and not working full time, I don't really have a NEED to go out and buy a new wardrobe like I've done every year in the past. I'm sure I'll pick up a few new things here and there, but I am pretty much stuck with what I've got (Aubrey, on the other hand, will be decked out in the latest baby fashions!). So, as I disappointedly look at the tired, worn out clothes from my '08 fall wardrobe which will also sadly be my '10 fall wardrobe, I find myself wishing that I was 7 months pregnant again...but just for the clothes.


  1. The good news is that even your old clothes are super cute! And you do have great accessories...

  2. thanks for looking on the bright side! however, i am SO sick of all my old stuff.

  3. Yay! A post! I just said to Carol how i miss your posts! On your bday no less! I hear you about clothes. I have almost my whole 08 wardrobe stacked in neat piles ready to give away. I'm either tired of wearing them... or they just don't fit right with my "post-baby" belly and hips. ugh! On the other hand, I loved my maternity wardrobe too! Now, getting dressed for work was easy for about 2 weeks... and I already am fearful of repeating outfits very soon. And, I hate to wear the same thing twice! It's a double edge sword- a working Mom's paycheck, but no time or energy to build a wardrobe, oh and let's not mention the new "childcare" budget. Sorry for the ramble!

  4. haha Corinne, your "ramble" cracked me up! I just haven't had many things to blog about lately, which sucks because I really do enjoy blogging!

    I agree, I am tired of wearing a lot of my old clothes, and certain clothes just do not fit right anymore (especially pants...I may be at the same pre-baby weight, but my hips are changed forever!).

    I was just like you when I working--I did not like repeating outfits. CONFESSION: I used to write down what I wore! I didn't want to repeat the same outfit in a three week cycle. vain much? I see your point about the double edged sword-I can barely find time to shop and I'm home all day. And child care costs are ridiculous!

    My whole response to you could have just been a blog, it was so long, lol.