Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Would it Really be so Bad if Aubrey Just Drank Formula for the Rest of Her Life?

Well, according to Giselle Bundchen, I've already poisoned my child for life by feeding her formula. But that's for another day.

Lately, I've been giving Aubrey more and more finger food. I started out just giving her the Gerber Graduates, but as of late I've been venturing into more dangerous exciting things like fruit, veggies, pasta noodles, etc.


Every time that girl puts something in her mouth, I can't help but intently stare at her in fear that she may choke. Perhaps this fear stems from when my mom insisted Aubrey could eat a Cheerio and she CHOKED on it. As in she wasn't making noise, mouth wide open, eyes popping out of her head, CHOKING. In my mom's defense, she did know to flip Aubrey over and hit her back to make the Cheerio fall out. Nonetheless, I have been traumatized by this! Nothing personal, Mom :)

Anyway, even with the foods that "dissolve" in the mouth or that I chop in pieces so small that Aubrey can't even pick them up, I still worry she will choke. It doesn't help that she often makes funny noises when tasting or swallowing them. Of course this sends me straight into my paranoia.

I'm trying not to project my fear of choking onto Aubrey, so I give her finger foods daily. The girl's got to learn how to eat! As much as it would be easier on me to have her drink from a bottle for the rest of her life, I don't think she'd make it very far if she whipped out a bottle of formula during a business meeting...

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  1. I freak out when my little Jenna chokes on her spit or on milk so I can't imagine when I start her on solids. Yikes! Love your blog!