Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where are Your Manners?

A lot of people give kids today a bad rap for manners. Well, let me tell ya--I see bad manners in ADULTS more than children.

Example: Every time I need to get through a door with a stroller.
I can't tell you how many times I approach a door with my huge stroller and the person in front of me completely lets the door close on my face. I have noticed that more KIDS, as in teenagers and younger, hold the door for me than adults! Yes, more eight year olds and fifteen year olds have stopped to help me with the door than their parents. That is sad. Well, I’m glad the kids have manners, but it’s obvious that they most likely learned their manners from school rather than their parents who watch doors close on people’s faces.

I am a bit fired up about this because it happened today when I went to pick up a slice of pizza for lunch. I had to bring the stroller in because I couldn't carry the baby, my wallet/keys, my pizza box, AND my fountain soda (come on, you know I can't go to a pizza shop and not get a fountain soda!). Well, as I was leaving the pizza shop, a woman was coming in. I thought to myself, "Oh good, she will hold the door for me so I can get through without propping the door with my back and pulling the stroller though all awkwardly." I was wrong. She flung the door open and whipped right by me, allowing the door to close on my face. How rude!

Another example- The other day I was leaving Wegmans through the single door exit. I saw a man about to walk in the store. He opened the door. Now, I was waiting at the door with my cart and crying baby, and in order for me to let him walk through first, I would have had to back up about 10 feet in order to get out of the narrow hallway. Manners aside, it just made more sense for me to walk through first. Well once he opened the door, I assumed he was being a gentleman and letting me by. Well, well, well. Who do I think I am? A woman with a cart full of food and a screaming baby? This man ROLLED HIS EYES AT ME for walking out of the door first! Here I was thinking he was being a gentleman, and he was pissed off that I had the audacity to walk through the door with my cart before him (for the record, he had no cart). It was as if he was aggravated because now Wegmans would be out of bananas since he had to wait 5 extras seconds for me to walk through the doors. Seriously?

I sure hope that I raise a daughter that can take 5 seconds (literally) out of her day to hold a door for a lady with a baby. This world will be an awful place to live if we all stop being considerate of one another.


  1. Oh I hate that! People just look at you like you're crazy as you stuggle to get yourself, stroller and belongings in or out of a store. It's not easy people!! It's amazing how few people will hold a door for someone.

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