Friday, September 10, 2010

Why do We Bother Buying Toys?

I KNOW I'm not alone when I say that Aubrey would much rather play with household items than with her clean, bright, child safe, developmentally appropriate toys. However, I still get lured into buying a new toy in the store because I think to myself, "THIS WILL BE THE ONE! This will be the toy that Aubrey loves so much that she will actually prefer it over the dog's food bowl!" Usually she does love the toy. But the love affair lasts about 1 minute 30 seconds and then it's back to the dog bowls.

Here are Aubrey's favorite "toys":

1. Dog bowls
2. Electrical cords
3. Magazines (that she loves to tear into pieces)
4. Anything on a shelf that can be pulled off. This includes (but is not limited to) lamps, picture frames, photo albums, and cans of open soda.
5. Pillows...that she likes to bury her face and drool in.
6. The glass sliding door and everything dangerous that comes with it.
7. Spatulas
8. Electrical cords. Yes, I know I already said this one. But she goes after so many cords in any given day that I thought it warranted two spots on the list.
9. Strings, tags, ties, etc.
10. Shoes/flip flops. As in she likes to flip them over and lick the sole before I notice.
11. Remote controls. Her favorite thing to do is hold down the volume up button and let the tv get extraordinary loud.
12. Laundry that has already been folded. Meaning that she likes to "de-fold" the laundry for me. Aw, mommy's little "helper" :)
13. KEYS. She turns into a 2 year old and throws a temper tantrum when I take them away from her.
14. Sunglasses. She refuses to wear them, but she likes to rip mine off my face and threaten to poke her eyes out with them.
15. Playing cards. She hasn't mastered poker yet, but she has mastered bending/chewing on every card in the deck. Although, the cards are pretty sturdy and they keep her entertained for quite a while!
16. The dog's dirty, slimy toys. Poor dog--she actually waits when Aubrey picks up her bone, thinking that Aubrey is going to toss it to her!
17. Insert any other thing in the house she shouldn't be playing with here. If it's off limits, she wants it.

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