Friday, March 19, 2010

One Month Til D-Day

The dreaded day is only one month away...the day I go back to work. I have been on maternity leave for four months now, and boy has it flown by. For the first three weeks of my leave I was still pregnant. And as any woman in the final month of pregnancy knows, those three weeks dragged on. But once little Aubrey made her arrival, time took on a whole new meaning. Every day became a race against the clock. As soon as the baby would fall asleep, it was like an Olympic event started...Quick! Clean the bottles! Quick! Take out the dog! Quick! Jump in the shower! Quick! Check my email! Quick! Call back the Comcast guy! People ask how I lost all my baby weight so quickly, and I believe the answer is that I rarely ever sat down.

So here I am, three months and eleven days after her birth, and the reality of life moving even faster is creeping up on me. I really wish being a stay at home mom was a paid gig, because that would be my dream job! But since I did not win the lottery as I was previously counting on, it looks like I will be back to work and away from my little baby. It breaks my heart, and I could go on and on about all of the reasons why this bothers me so much, but I will save that for another blog. Most likely an angry blog that I will inevitably write once I'm actually back at work....and then two hours later I will frantically try to delete it before anyone who holds power over my job reads it. Because let's face it- as fun as it is to fantasize about quitting, it's not nearly as much fun to stand in the unemployment line begging for benefits.

On the bright side, there are two things I am very much looking forward to when I return to work. #1) An excuse to buy (well, charge) a new wardrobe-because even after losing the baby weight, there's no way my new hips and butt can fit into those old clothes again. #2) I CANNOT WAIT to be able to sit down for a half hour lunch and actually get to eat my lunch with NO INTERUPPTIONS!!! I am really excited about this :)

So, let the countdown to D-Day begin. But in the meantime, I'm still going to buy lottery tickets.


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