Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Target. The Playground for Moms.

Target has become my second home the last couple of months (with the mall coming in at a close third). I'm not kidding. Half the staff knows me by name. Okay, well maybe but not by name, but they do remember me thanks to my distinctive red hair.

I have no business being at Target so often; I was recently told that I can expect to be laid off for next school year due to budget cuts. But there I am, a loyal customer, doing my part to stimulate the nation's economy while the economy of my household prepares for an economic downfall. Let's evaluate the necessity of what I bought today.

Large Fountain Coke? Total necessity. I have one vice in this world, and that vice is Coke. A'Cola. If that's my worst habit, I like to think I'm doing pretty well.

Shaving cream? Necessity. Well, if you aren't a fan of using soap of water to shave, which I'm not.

Face soap? Necessity. Did I have to buy the expensive brand? Okay, I guess not. But if I'm going to be poor, I want to at least look good cashing my unemployment check.

Laundry Detergent? Definite necessity...and I even bought the cheap brand!

Snickers Ice Cream bars? Hmm. My husband would probably say these were a necessity. But I bought them because they were only $3.44 and at the grocery store they go for $4.99!!! What a steal! I could not pass up that bargain.

Fluorescent colored headbands for Aubrey? Totally frivolous. I don't ever even put the damn things on her head unless it's for a pic so people know she's a girl.

Bigger Socks for Aubrey? Necessity. It looks bad when I'm dressed up fancy and my kid's sock is only covering half her foot. The other sock usually has fallen off and is back in aisle 4 somewhere.

So there reads my shopping list. Not too bad, right? Well, when you factor in that I go to Target anywhere from two to four times a week, the ridiculousness of what I spend each week in that store is, well, ridiculous. I have enough white/red Target bags to line my small trashcans for a year. I don't know what it is about that place that lures me in. Maybe that Target symbol really is an extremely effective subliminal message, drawing me in, time and time again, targeting my wallet. Perhaps I should just bring the exact amount of cash I need and leave all other possible forms of payment at home. But where's the fun in that?

Thankfully, summer is right around the corner which should open up some more opportunities for some "free" walks around the neighborhood. But then I have to deal with sunscreen and sweating and running into people that I don't want to run into...yeah, if you're looking for me this summer, try Target. Look for the redhead with the fountain soda and the baby. Circling the store with a cart loaded with unnecessary crap. But that unnecessary crap makes me happy. And you know what they say; a happy mom makes for a happy house. Shop on!


  1. This sounds like me.. I do the same thing at Target. I'm not sure what it is about that place, but I have a huge problem. I can never go in and NOT spend money.