Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RIP Leisurely Lunches

I couldn't wait to go out with my mom (aka "grammie") today. Our plan was to go down to Haddon Ave., look for Aubrey's christening gown, and have a nice lunch. The weather was GORGEOUS today, it couldn't have cooperated any better (okay, well maybe a few degrees warmer would have been nice...). And after a looong winter of being cooped up with a newborn, I was anxious to take Aubrey out for a nice walk in her stroller. Throw in a delicious lunch, and it would be the perfect day!

Ahh, silly me. Have I forgotten so soon that nothing is ever easy with a baby in tow? After discovering that the christening gown shop that my mom swore existed, did not exist after all, we decided to eat lunch. We went to the kid-friendly Pop Shop. Smart choice. You see, Aubrey is so clever-she has this uncanny ability to know EXACTLY when you are about to eat and right as you are about to put the fork in your mouth, she chooses to scream her lungs off at that precise moment. It never fails! What a little genius she is, it's so cute. So needless to say, right as our waitress put our sandwiches on the table, Aubrey decided to let loose. I'm talking the bright red face, lip quivering, blood curdling screams that make your heart rate shoot up in an instant.

The normal fixes did not work--changing her diaper, feeding her, holding her in a special way, giving her a pacifier, rocking her...nope, none of that worked. A diva like Aubrey demands more individualized attention. In an attempt to allow the other patrons to enjoy their meals, poor Grammie volunteered to walk with her outside to try to soothe her. I didn't see Grammie again for another twenty-five minutes. Shows you how well that went. My fun, leisurely lunch with my mom and Aubrey quickly turned into me sitting alone with a soggy chicken salad sandwich. At least the fountain Coke was good.

It makes me laugh when I think back to my pregnancy last summer and how I envisioned myself with the baby. I actually thought that lunches out would be a cinch! I didn't realize that I may have a baby that does not like to sit in a car seat carrier while I eat and socialize. I didn't realize that sometimes a bottle just isn't enough to soothe a baby. I didn't realize that it may take a 30 minute walk outside with Gram to calm her down so I could sit alone with my soggy chicken salad sandwich, wishing I had ordered something else.

The delightful day concluded with me driving home with a screaming, tired baby after a long day. I tried to drain out the screams with country music, but that only seemed to add more fuel to her fire. Darn, I was hoping she would be a country music fan. As soon as we got home, she finally fulfilled one of my pregnancy expectations-she passed out in her crib. And as for the christening gown, my mom and I decided we would try again next week. Only this time, we will shop for it online and order a pizza.


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