Saturday, June 5, 2010

20 Bags and A Baby

My husband called me on the way home from work Friday night and asked what I would like to eat for dinner from Boston Market. I was very happy about this because 1.) I LOVE Boston Market and 2.) I HATE cooking and cleaning up dinner on a Friday night. I told him I would like chicken, mac & cheese, spinach, and a fountain Coke. When he walked in the door carrying our bag of food, I noticed the fountain Coke I requested was missing.

I asked him why my fountain soda didn't make the cut, and he replied, "That's too much to carry." TOO MUCH TO CARRY? TOO MUCH TO CARRY?! All he had in his hand was one dinky little Boston Market bag! I told him that is not an acceptable excuse. On any given work day, I am carrying way more than the equivalent of a Boston Market bag and a fountain soda. As I make the walk from my car to the house every day, one arm is carrying a baby and usually a Target bag. The other arm has my work bag, my purse, my lunch bag, the baby's diaper bag, and my car keys. If I made a stop for a soda on the way home, one of the arms is somehow holding down a 32 ounce cup. And this is all done in high heels. So while I was way appreciative of having Boston Market for dinner and not having to go through the hassle of cooking and cleaning on a Friday night, I told my husband that next time, he better not wave the "It's too much to carry" card in my face.

I (as well as many moms out there) am the queen of "I'm carrying so much right now, I hope if something drops it's the soda and not the baby...” My arms are more sculpted now than they've ever been. Which I guess makes sense, considering my old weights were 5 pounders and my new, squirmier "weight" is probably 20+ pounds now. I don't think I'll have to do another bicep curl for the duration of Aubrey's infancy/toddler years.

The art of carrying multiple bags and a baby is yet another skill I have acquired as a new mom. I used to think having to carry my lunch bag, work bag, and purse each day was such a pain. But now? Now I literally have a physical pain in my right bicep every day from all my holding and carrying!

On the bright side, my arms are totally ready for summer tank tops and dresses!


  1. Don't you hate that? Those men just can't multi-task like us mommas!

  2. I'm new to your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love it! I'm also a new mommy (Jackson was born 1/13/10) and a teacher who has had a VERY hard time going back to work. Yippee for summer vacation! I'll definitely be reading more of your posts! :)