Monday, June 14, 2010

Teething...Painful for All Involved!

The date was Saturday, June 5th. This was the glorious day that Aubrey started teething. Justin and I were out on a date, and when we came home, my dad told us about his evening with the baby. He and his girlfriend informed us about how Aubrey cried for almost the whole time and couldn't stop drooling and "chewing" on everything. This was not typical for Aubrey, she rarely ever cries unless she is tired. Sure enough, when you touched her gums, you could feel two sharp points. We THOUGHT that within a couple of days, the teeth would cut through and all would be fine. I figured we'd just have to tough it out the next two or three days. Not the case!

Apparently, Aubrey is one of the babies who does not have a pain free teething experience. And she is also one of the babies that takes a loooong time for the tooth to come through the gum. She had almost every symptom of teething besides a fever--irritable, fussy, waking up screaming in the middle of the night (Justin and I also exhibited this sympton), very runny nose, and a lot of pain. I had read online that using Ibuprofen or Orajel was controversial. Well, guess what? When I eventually caved in and used the medicine, my baby was happy again. No more controversy for me!

It has been NINE DAYS since the teeth started to come, and they still haven't completely bust through yet. However, yesterday my old baby was back-she was happy, smiling, and NOT FUSSY AND CRYING! Last night she only woke up twice and soothed herself back to sleep. This morning she woke up happy as can be, so I can only hope that the worst of the evil teething phase is over...for now. I heard it does come back again for a second round in a few months. God be with us!


  1. So does she have a tooth now? Officially? Or two?

  2. I feel for you, I knew when my daughter was teething as she also exhibited a lot of pain. I think the only babies who do not have pain teething are the hypothetical ones doctor's make up in their studies, lol.

    Right now my 13 month old daughter is teething in 6 teeth at once! Well 3 of them have popped and 3 are working at it so I want to slap the people that tell me it is not painful as I watch her whole mouth swell up like a chipmunk and her refuse to eat because it hurts too bad!

    Also, I am all about doing things naturally but I bet 9 out of those 10 people that tell you not to use pain relief would be running to Walgreen's if they got a migraine or something, lol.

    I always used both as it was the only thing that helped. I have never regretted it or has my daughter shown anything other than relief from it.

    Also, by the time most tots are 2 they have 20 teeth so expect more every 3-4 months or so, or get unlucky and have 6 come in at once like my daughter did, lol!

    I wish you the best of luck!

  3. I am dreading this! I thought Peyton may have been cutting a tooth last week. She was cranky and unhappy and like Aubrey she usually only cries when she is tired. Bought the Orajel... still no teeth!

  4. I remember the hours and hours of drooling. JDaniel didn't fuss much. I am so grateful.

    Stopping from SITS!

  5. Your right, teething sucks for everyone!

    (from SITS)