Monday, June 28, 2010

Target...Part 2

I've written about this before, and I'm writing about it again. Target will be the death of me. Well, the death of my bank account. I forgot just exactly how dangerous the combination of me being home and Target was.

Take today for instance. I needed to buy paper towels and two pairs of work out shorts for when Justin and I start our morning walking routine tomorrow. Yes, I do already have shorts, but they are hoochie mama work out shorts that don't look appropriate outside of the house (or even in the house for that matter...) So, Aubrey and I packed ourselves up and rode over to Target. Everything was going according to plan. Well, the mocha frappuccino was an impulse buy, but perusing Target just isn't the same without a refreshing drink of caffeine in hand.

So I purchased my frappuccino and went over to the work out gear and found the shorts...only 7.99 each! At this point, I had what I needed and I could have left. But, we were only at Target for about ten minutes, and I was not ready to go home just yet.

This is when I knew things could take a dangerous turn. First, it was a stop to the kitchen department. I spotted a tiny, baby colander. "Oh!" I thought to myself, "This would have been great last night when I was draining pineapple and onions!" I had it in my hand to buy, and then thought better of it. No, I will wait until I actually need it again and again and again before I buy it. While in the kitchen section, I also almost bought other items such as new knives and an As Seen on TV chopper. I used all of my restraint and I left the kitchen aisle safely.

This type of scene reenacted itself over and over again in other sections of the store--the home goods section, the handbag section, the grocery section, and the home office section (no, I don't even have a home office). However, when I got to the baby toy section, things took a turn for the worse. I love showing Aubrey all of the cool toys and gadgets and her smiley, happy reactions are priceless. She usually laughs at the toy and when I put it back, she forgets all about it. Well today, I showed her a baby laptop. Being a 21st century baby, she HAD TO HAVE IT. When I took it away, she screamed and reached for it like her bottle at 6 in the morning. I put the laptop on her lap and she happily played with it for the rest of our trip. In addition to the laptop, I also picked up a bucket of blocks for her--which she ended up more interested in at home than the laptop.

As I was leaving Target with a 50 dollar bill (for like the 3rd time in the last week), I was thinking that more serious measures need to be taken to keep me away from there. Like, I need to be caught stealing a tv or causing a huge raucous so that they have big posters of my face hanging around the store saying, "KEEP THIS GIRL OUT!"

I can’t believe that I spent over thirty dollars in MORE toys for Aubrey. Just last night I put myself on a tight budget since after all, I don't have a job anymore. Apparently, I’m not as good at sticking to my budgets as I used to be. Well, starting tomorrow I really am going to stick to my budget. Time to start brainstorming things to do that don't involve pricey temptations at every turn. Looks like we'll be spending a lot of time on the living room floor! Who am I kidding, we'll be back at Target by Wednesday.


  1. Of course she loved the laptop!

  2. I just spent $126 there this morning. I just went for some small groceries and little things. Why did they have to put a Starbucks in there? I get tempted almost every time and I don't even really like Starbucks that much! :)

  3. I'm very interested in this baby laptop! Maybe I won't feel as guilty if I'm on the laptop if Peyton has one to play with herself!

  4. i have the same target addiction/problem..more of a calling but either way i am in love and always walk out with more than new mascara! :)