Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beyond Squirmy!

Ok, it can't just be me. Is anyone else's baby becoming incredibly SQUIRMY?! As in I may have to stop changing her on the changing table?

During the last few weeks, it has been nearly impossible for one person to change Aubrey's diaper on the changing table. She is waaay too interested in what's behind her, above her, and next to her to stay still. She flips over in about two seconds, and when I finally get her on her back again to take off or put on a diaper, she does a quick flip flop back to her belly. This is especially dangerous when she has the "stinky" diapers. What a mess! I would be lying if I said she has never kicked her feet in her own poop. Geez la weez.

I guess I always thought she would lie nice and content when I changed her diaper. This is certainly not the case. I have tried to distract her with toys or funny faces...she's too smart for that. She gives me a look like, "Nice try!" and flips herself over. Is it really possible that a 6 month old can give a sly grin and "Gotcha!" eyes this early on? Yes, it is possible.

And it's not just on the changing table. When I hold her, she literally climbs up me and kicks me in the face. When I put her in her car seat, I have to practically pin her down to get her straps on because she is too busy trying to climb out. It's no wonder her absolute happiest place to be is in her jumperoo...she's free to jump around like a wild woman all she wants!

Anytime someone outside of me or Justin hangs with Aubrey, they all say the same thing, "Good luck...she's gonna keep you on your toes!" The doctor even said this moments after she was born, because unlike most newborns, she was WIDE AWAKE and extremely nosy. I even think I caught her giving one of the nurse's a dirty look. She deserved it though, she wasn't the nicest of nurses...

On the bright side, she is definitely a "happy" active...always laughing and very curious. I'm hoping she will stay this way and live her life with the same enthusiasm and curiosity she has at 6 months-it will certainly keep us young!

Thankful Thursday

1. Spending a gorgeous Friday night at the Phillies game (that they finally won!) with Justin.
2. My husband beaming on his first Father's Day (see below!).
3. No more work! Stress level has immediately declined by 100%!
4. Extremely kind words from my coworkers that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes people don't realize how much their kindness can affect a person :)
5. The opportunity to teach a great bunch of kids for two years. They really helped me to grow as a person over the last two years and I'll never forget them.

Justin's First Father's Day

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  1. My daughter is the same exact way. she has always been so active.