Thursday, July 8, 2010

7 months ago from today, the high was 43 degrees.

A lot has changed in 7 months. 7 months ago, the high temperature for the day in our town was 43 degrees. Today it is 95 degrees. The changes in my life since December 8th, 2009 (Aubrey’s birthday) have been just as drastic as the weather.

Tonight, I was making dinner and Aubrey was on the floor playing with her toys. It amazed me at how quickly she has become independent. Just two months ago, she couldn't do much more than roll around to entertain herself. Now she is not only rolling (come on, that is sooo last March), but she is crawling (with a lot of breaks in between!), sitting up, pulling herself up, it's crazy. Every day she is just getting faster, stronger, and more talkative.

She is also showing her little (or should I say big) personality these days. Aubrey knows what she wants and she goes AFTER it! Whether it's a toy, a remote control, or a hug from Mommy, she makes sure she gets what she wants. I think that's why she is so mobile--sitting around and waiting for things to be given to her is just not an option! Aubrey goes right after what she wants. This leads me to believe that the terrible twos may get quite terrible, but hopefully her independence and determination stay with her throughout her teenage and adult years.

When I see newborns or babies who are a couple of months younger than Aubrey, I just can't believe she was once that small. I try to remember what it was like holding a baby so tiny and still, but it's all a blur. Maybe it's from only sleeping 3 hours a night back then, but all I can imagine is who she is now; my 20 pound weight that tries to squirm off the changing table and crawls under every apparatus in the house.

She's my little sugar. Aubrey makes everything I do now have a true purpose. She makes me want to do better in every area of my life. While I had no idea 7 months ago just how crazy my life was about to get, I also had no idea how much BETTER it was going to be. Or how hot July was gonna get.

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  1. babygirl bathing suits just kill me. She is sooo cute!!!