Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Someone stop the rollercoaster!

Aubrey's crawling and climbing stage has thrown me for a loop. Like a super sized, upside-down roller coaster loop. And I thought the rolling stage was bad! I'm sure when she is walking, crawling and climbing will seem like a breeze. But for now, I am exhausted!

I feel like I have to throw out everything in my house to keep her safe. I guess if I want to be less extreme, I could just buy her a helmet. Do they make baby helmets? Seriously. She is now awake for 3-4 hours at a time and for that whole time she is trying to play with everything that can hurt her--cords on the floor, climbing up the glass door, and crawling under everything that has sharp edges. I would love to put her in a play pen or her jumperoo for some much needed relief, but she doesn't like the confinement of those previously loved places. Thank God she still loves her stroller...if I had to cut out my Target trips and neighborhood strolls I would go nuts!

Oh, this crawling stage is so fun! I have doubled my daily calorie intake just to be able to keep up with this wild woman. When she goes down for her nap, I plop myself on the couch and "AHH...” exhale! I hope I get used to this new pace, because it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Any other moms out there have any suggestions for how you entertain your crazy crawler?!

Thank God she's so cute!

We lowered the crib after we woke up to this a few weeks ago!

Playing dress up


  1. lol Jason was crawling and climbing at 5mths!!! Running full steam ahead by 10 1/2mths and had his first ER trip with stitches at 11mths!! It was awesome!! The boy hasn't stopped running ever since! Josh & Jake I have made "lap-babies"!lol I just hold them all the time!

  2. Oh she is just adorable! Great blog!