Thursday, July 1, 2010

And Breathe 2,3,4...

Well today was a whirlwind, let me tell ya. Some days go so smoothly with the baby that I can't wait to have a second. Other days (like today) make me scream out, "One is plenty, thank you!" You know it's gonna be a long day when the baby wakes up at 4:45am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to start the day.

Aubrey is at the stage where I cannot take my eyes off of her for one second or she is chewing the dog's bone or banging her head against a table leg. Both of which have happened. More than once. She isn't crawling, but she is "creeping" and doing this weird downward dog thing where she gets on all fours, sticks her butt in the air, and leaps forward. So, today I spent the whole time she was awake with my eyes glued on her, entertaining her to the max. Because you see, she is also at the "Mommy, you better be playing with me at all times!" stage. Additionally, Aubrey has determined that sleep isn't really that necessary. Not only did she wake up at 4:45am today, but she only took two 1 hour naps ...leaving me with very short "breaks" to rush around and try to get everything done from taking a shower to eating lunch.

In an effort to give myself a break from stacking blocks and playing with musical toys all day, I figured we'd go take the car to get washed for the weekend. I planned it so we'd have enough time to get there so she wouldn't be hungry right away, and then I could feed her while we waited. Well, just my luck (sort of like the luck I had earlier in the day when she was screaming for food and the bottle flew out of my hand and spilled everywhere and I had to start all over again...), the car wash temporarily closed for a half hour. So as we drove home (no way am I waiting a half hour because we all know a half hour really means closer to an hour), she got hungry and wailed the whole ride home. Fun, fun, fun!

Today was definitely one of those days that I felt completely content with just having one baby! But then tomorrow will come, and she will sleep normally and everything will go smoothly and I'll be thinking of names for the next little one. Well, I can only hope that's what tomorrow brings...

My Crazy Little Squirmer


  1. Ha! I SO know those days! Actually we had a very similar one today too! It makes me feel better that other babies want mommy to play with them every second. Jackson is very much in that stage and sometimes I want to pull my hair out! Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. So stinkin cute, I could just hug that little girl!

    I know how you feel with the one day is awesome, the next you want to pull your hair out!
    Today.. is the pull your hair out!
    At least she is adorable =) lol