Friday, July 23, 2010

Why do you blog? What do votes mean to you?

I was drying my hair today and I was thinking about why I blog.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that writing to me has ALWAYS been my outlet. I have kept a journal since I was eight and have never stopped. It is scary to think I have all those crazy teenage years documented! If they were “accidentally” lost or tossed in the garbage, I think I would be more relieved than upset. I always journaled because it was a safe place to express and work out my feelings. I also knew that when I had a preteen or teenage daughter one day, I could go back and read them and remember just what it was like to be 15 again. Blogging to me is not a personal journal, but it is another outlet I have to be creative and express my feelings.

However, I think the primary reason I started the blog and why I continue to write it is because I was so surprised by motherhood. I wanted to document my experiences for other new moms out there so they knew they weren't alone. Sometimes I feel incompetent or insecure about being a mom, but when I read other moms’ blogs or go onto the Baby Center chat boards, I feel so much better knowing that everything I am experiencing is completely normal. I blog because I don't want any other new mom feeling like she is alone in her experiences.

So then I started thinking about the Top Mommy Blog votes and why those of us who belong to Top Mommy Blogs want votes. The answer to this question will vary greatly by each individual blogger. A lot of bloggers want to be on that first page because you get inundated with emails for reviews and giveaways. I don't want votes for giveaway and review opportunities, because those are not the reasons why I am blogging. I know some bloggers love that stuff, but it's just not my cup of tea. When I did some reviews and giveaways, it just felt more like "work" than fun. So for me, I just like to stick to the writing and sharing.

Then why do I want votes? To be honest, one of the reasons I like getting votes is because it's similar to that fun little rush you get when one of the items off of your wedding or baby registry gets bought, or when you get an email from EBay saying you were the highest bidder and won your auction. Or like that little surge of excitement when you get a new follower on your blog or facebook page. It's just fun. It's one of those little things that make you smile and say, "Oh! Someone thought my blog was half decent enough to take time out of their busy day and vote for me!

Although, I would have to say that the primary reason I like getting votes is because it gives me a better chance of gaining new readers. Most of my loyal readers follow me on facebook or get updates on my new posts from being a follower (thank you!!), but being on one of the first few pages of Top Mommy Blogs helps me get exposure and I am trying to reach as many moms as possible with my blog.

So thank you to all of my readers who take time from their day to read my blog. I hope you relate to some of my stories and that they help you feel like you are not alone. And thank you to everyone who votes for my blog and contributes to me getting that little surge of excitement when I see a new vote was cast; I love it!


  1. I so agree with this! I've done a few giveaways and while it's fun for someone to win that is not why I blog or why I want votes! I love sharing our experiences as new parents and reading other first time moms' blogs just like yours! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. I blog because I enjoy it and I love having that creative outlet. I also enjoy meeting other people. Even though I don't blog just to get followers, I still feel a little thrill when I get a new follower or see that someone commented on my blog. I can't help it! I found you through Theta Mom, by the way.

  3. I agree with you. I just created a Facebook Fan Page (Jersey Gal's Thirty One Gifts Fan Page) and I get soooo excited when I get a new's a surge of excitement just like you said. Infact, I was working on my page when I realized you suggested your page to me...sorry before I got involved with Thirty One I just dabbled in FB but now I'm on all the time ;-) I love your BLOG & I voted for you...Good Luck!

  4. Thanks Patti! I'll have to check out your FB page!