Thursday, July 22, 2010

Landscapers and Naptime...lethal combination.

Would it be completely self-centered and selfish of me to contact my condo management company and request that the landscapers NOT cut the grass and use extremely loud blowers (forgive me, I don't know the technical name of the blowers) right at my baby's window during naptime????!!!!

Oh my goodness!! Naptime is precious and sometimes I think they have a conspiracy against me. Like, the landscapers sit in their trucks and have a look out man who says, "Ah ha! She just laid down the baby...drop the hoagies and gatorade and go! go! now! Start the insanely loud lawn cutting equipment and do it RIGHT by the nursery window!"

They've been outside now for 2 hours. I'm about to go outside and bribe them with fresh lemonade to just go away. And go away quick. No one has to know. Just go. The grass looks fine, now GO! My baby needs her rest and her mommy needs to do laundry!

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