Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Vaca Cut Short

We had high hopes for our first mini family vaca this week. We planned to go the shore for three days, figuring that any more time than that would be too much for both us and the baby. Well, unfortunately, three days proved to be too much! If we weren't in the middle of a record breaking heat wave, maybe things would have been different. But 100 degree temps plus sky high humidity are not a good combination for a 7 month old baby and a very pale, sun sensitive mama!

The grimy motel we were staying at didn't offer us much of a reprieve from the hot, humid weather. I think I'd rather be outside baking than sitting on one of those filthy beds! At least I brought a King size blanket for us to put over the bed's comforter. See, sometimes being a germ-a-phobe pays off.

Aubrey was a great sport with the heat and her new place for two days, but she just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. She partied til 10pm last night and naps were not really an option. Our visions of having some drinks outside and enjoying the scenery were cut short by her late bed time. Oh, we still had drinks outside, but we were accompanied by our squirmy little princess who kept trying to drink Mommy's Miller Lite.

We ended up leaving a day early, but no love was lost. We got to do everything we wanted--visit the zoo, walk the boardwalk...and well, that's about all you can do with a 7 month old. I think sometimes Justin and I get so excited to do "family" trips and outings, that we forget there isn't much you can actually do with an infant!

We still enjoyed our 2 day "vacation" if you can even call it that. The car ride itself is fun enough for me. I love that time to chat with Justin, sippin on our beverages as Aubrey naps away. Next year should be a bit better since she'll be older, and we have learned our lesson about hotel accommodations...you get what you pay for. Next year, we will definitely opt for something bigger and CLEANER, even if it means putting up a few extra bucks. It will be worth it!

Aubrey sweating bullets at the zoo, but still manages to throw on a smile.

This is what hot, tired, and miserable looks like.

Thank God Mommy remembered to bring this clean blanket for me to lie on!

Our happy family after a looong day!

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