Monday, July 26, 2010

My Handsome Son

Apparently, I have a baby boy. And he is quite handsome. Every time an old fellow sees Aubrey, he assumes she is a boy. Last night at Wegmans, one older gentleman joked that if "he" was for sale, he will buy him. He then continued with, "Let me tell ya, that is one handsome son you have there!" For some reason, that just cracked me up. I continued to laugh as I was shopping through the produce aisle.

It didn't bother me because Aubrey could have easily been mistaken for a boy yesterday. She had on no bow or headband and she was dressed in a black dress...sitting in the shopping cart, you couldn't tell it was a dress. It looked more like a black tank top. Additionally, Aubrey is pudgy and still pretty bald, so I'm not offended when she gets mistaken for a boy.

However, I will say that after a few customers commented on my handsome son, I dug through the diaper bag, found her yellow headband, and stuck it on her. She didn't resist my putting it on her, which leads me to believe that she too was a little tired of being called a boy :)

Today, it’s pink all the way!


  1. I get told that my daughter Anna is so handsome constantly, and at about the same rate when she's wearing feminine colors and prints as opposed to the more androgynous white onesie/yellow ensembles. In fact, just the other day we were in Target and she was sporting a leopard print dress with pink trim and had a pink blanket over her. The following is the exchange that took place between myself and the old lady in line behind us...

    Old Lady: What a handsome little man!
    Me: (chuckling) Aw, thanks!
    Old Lady, to Anna: And what is your name, li'l fella?
    Anna: (stares at Old Lady, sucks binky)
    Me: Her name is 'Anna'. Say "hi", Anna!
    Old Lady: (Puzzled expression, as if thinking, "Well, THAT'S an odd name for a boy!")

  2. Hahaha, I don't know what it is with the elderly! The same thing happens with Aubrey. She can be in a pink dress with a bow and they still insist she is a boy.

  3. Might be a red head thing...we heard that all the time with Brianna & she was always dressed in girl colors. We finally had her ears pierced so people would stop automatically assuming she was a boy, but then she pulled one earring out and I panicked she might swallow them so I took them out. Girl (or Boy) our babies are adorable :-)