Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can someone please pass the wire cutters?

Anyone try to take a baby toy out of its packaging lately? Of course you have, you're all moms. I'm assuming you all know what I'm talking about then. Why on God's good earth do they make it so freaking hard to take a tea cup set for a 7 month old out of its packaging?!

I'm serious. I want to know WHY! There is NOTHING in Target that has more intricate packaging than the baby toys. It's not like a bunch of babies are gonna come crawling through aisle 9, swiping blocks and baby laptops from the shelves. And it's not like baby toys cost a ridiculous amount of money. Why is there a need to not only box the toy, but to have several plastic tie-like reinforcements on the back? The toy we bought today also had the cardboard backing that was then additionally wired to the box. It took me 10 minutes to unwrap two new toys for Aubrey today.

I wish they made it that hard to take a can of Coke out of the box, maybe then I'd be able to kick my caffeine habit!

But seriously, if anyone knows why they make it so difficult to get those little plastic toys out of the box, enlighten me! My best guess is so that they can "display" the toy in its box to lure us all into buying them...


  1. Great idea about cokes! I would never put that much effort into getting one!!

  2. I HATE this!! At Christmas, I will be unwiring toys before I wrap them because they boys will almost be 2, and I'm sure demanding the toys much faster then I can open them! It takes FOREVER!